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Top Email Marketing Forms all eCommerce Websites Should Have

It isn’t easy to run a WordPress eCommerce business. With physical distance between you and your clients, it can be hard to establish a trusting relationship with return customers. Many business owners use email marketing forms to engage with website visitors, and these efforts can actually help you to win over potential customers.

Email Marketing Forms that You Need

If you are adding an email marketing form – or opt-in – to your website, there are several great options from which you can choose. These are some of the most popular and effective:

  • End of Funnel Opt-Ins. These are offers to receive future news from your WordPress eCommerce business, either in the form of updates or a newsletter. You can use a single box (that is checked by default) during the checkout or account creation process. This makes it easy for your customers to opt-in, as their contact information will already be in the system.
  • Exit Pop-Up. Pop-ups can be annoying at times, but a target message that appears when a visitor exhibits leaving behavior can be beneficial. For example, an opt-in that pops up when visitors move the mouse toward the top of their browser (either to close the window or to hit the back button) can help to capture the opt-in. This is especially true if you offer an incentive to subscribe.
  • Push Notification Opt-Ins. Traditionally used with mobile applications, desktop websites are now beginning to sue push notifications, as well. This opt-in will ask users for permission to send push notifications. The benefit to this type of opt-in is that it can hit all of your potential customer’s devices at once.
  • Home Page Opt-Ins. A strong call to action at the top of your home page can encourage visitors to enter their contact information and subscribe. This is especially true if you offer exclusive discounts to your WordPress eCommerce site.

Email Marketing Form Best Practices

To help you get more email opt-ins, there are many tried and true best practices. By taking advantage of them, you can ultimately improve your email ROI with more sign ups.

  • Don’t ask for a ton of information. Some studies believe that every field that you add to your email marketing form will reduce opt-ins – by as much as 11%! That’s a good reason to keep your forms simple.
  • Don’t be tempted to use a link. Forms have a greater opt-in rate than links. People are hesitant to click through to another page, but having the form right there will make the process easier.
  • Explain what they can expect. Your opt-in copy should tell people what they can expect, such as how often they’ll receive emails and the message format they can expect.
  • Use a more enticing wording than “subscribe.” Test different calls to action, such as “Send me my report” or “Sign me up” to entice more opt-ins.

Need Some Guidance With Your WordPress eCommerce Website?

Email marketing forms take up very little screen space, but can make a big impact on your eCommerce success. By testing different forms and using best practices, you can find the right fit for your WordPress eCommerce site.

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