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How to maximize your Email Marketing ROI in 2019

ROI (Return on investment) is income produced from any type of marketing that is used for your business. Simply put, ROI is the proceeds of marketing campaigns. As a mathematical formula – Return on Investment = (Income-Cost) ÷ Cost.

Methodical tips to maximize your email marketing ROI

1. Automate email marketing

Automation helps to maximize ROI received from email marketing campaigns. Utilizing automation tools to complete value-adding tasks is key to optimization.

Autoresponder emails

Email marketing campaigns become more effective when using an autoresponder tool. It builds a stronger relationships with your subscribers and customers. Email triggers directly delivered by your customers and subscribers’ behavior and actions.

Intricate email workflows

Key messaging is delivered to each subscriber by creating an intricate workflow. Customers will be automatedly navigated by the onsite triggers, from the awareness stage on to the conversion and to the retention stage. This happen by utilizing one pre-set workflow on the software for your email marketing.

Dynamic segmentation

To convert faster, your customers need a personalized approach. Whether you created a workflow or not or you are producing manually. It’s important to segment your contact list as best as possible.

If utilizing an appropriate email marketing software, as your contacts progress through the conversion funnel it should automatically update. When doing dynamic segmentation, a group must be created for each stage of the funnel.

2. Greater ROI = social media + email marketing

About 73 percent of marketer’s state email marketing ROI is greater than what is offered by social media campaigns.

Why not combine the two methods? Think of how powerful tool storytelling is utilize email marketing and social media.

3. Utilize a tracking pixel

Utilizing a tracking pixel is a great resource.  You want to take your email marketing strategy a step further. This can be achieve by tracking your subscribers’ activity across your landing pages, website, and newsletters.

This tracking code lets you automatically send emails to customers. This is base according to predetermined behavior, unlike traditional email workflows that trigger the next step within the mail-box.

4. Optimize success by using A/B testing

It is important to optimize content, to ensure your ROI is always increasing from email marketing A/B testing is a tool that allows you to split your audience. Also, test new campaign versions, measure results, and fix accordingly.

5. Time your campaigns properly

Do not let ill-timed marketing campaign deliveries take away the shine from that content you have worked very hard creating. When you measure an email marketing ROI, open rate is one of the first parameters that should be calculated

Campaigns must be sent at the best optimal time, not only does the right message need to be delivered, but to increase the open rate.

Utilizing marketing automation software when creating an email campaign, allows you to employ the system’s capabilities of big data and ensures. Your emails arrive in your contact’s email inbox rendering to the knowledge of what the system had acquired previously from each of your contacts.

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