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How Newsletters Can Improve Your Internet Marketing Strategies

One tactic that any small business Internet marketing strategy can use to really draw in prospective leads is the email newsletter. Though it may sound like something users will completely ignore, think again! Newsletters are still very much a powerful resource of establishing your small business as a thought leader and keeping customers interested in your service or product by establishing a direct line of communication with them.


Reading newslettersWhy Newsletters Are Important for Internet Marketing

Building up your small business means utilizing several types of internet marketing strategies, but one of the best ways to grow your business presence is through the email newsletter. It has endless potential to be a snapshot of your services and products as well as showing off customer testimonials, updating your customers of company information, and providing exclusive, informative content.

There are many ways customers can find your content online, but why not make it customizable and personal with a newsletter? It can also complement your blog posts, social media campaigns, and other internet marketing strategies by being its own call to action.

Building Up Your Newsletterbuilding up newsletters

How exactly can you start a newsletter for your small business? It can be quite simple when you know the steps.

  •  Make a CTA on your website to let users sign up for the newsletter—if it’s on the front page that’s even better. Also, create an incentive for leads and customers such as an exclusive coupon code when they sign-up or a free downloadable white paper.
  • Use a newsletter service to manage and deliver the messages on time and without any problems. Or, as a small business, you can do newsletter management internally if you have the resources and time.
  • Content inside the newsletter should be catered to your customer’s needs and provide both useful information as well as multiple links back or call to actions directing them to your website or a landing page.
  • Don’t overwhelm your leads with a bunch of mail and always try to stagger out your newsletters. Some small businesses prefer to send out a weekly newsletter while others only do one once per month. Finding the right frequency for your newsletters will take some research and experimenting with different times.

Content is highly sought after in this inbound marketing centric world, especially when information is so easily accessible because of the Internet. Email newsletters allow for your small business to give a glimpse into your expertise and unique offerings that truly draws in quality leads.

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