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6 Ways to Refresh Your Small Business Internet Marketing Strategy

When you first started your small business, you likely put some thought into your internet marketing strategy. Since then, your company has probably grown, so it is important that you adapt your marketing plan, as well. By following a few helpful tips, you can refresh your internet marketing strategy to ensure that you are continuing to generate leads and to attract potential customers.

Work to Better Understand Your Traffic

If you want to improve your online marketing, you need information on what has worked for you in the past. It is often easier to refresh a past strategy rather than coming up with a new one from scratch, as you should have plenty of past data to examine. Make sure that you are using Google Analytics in order to measure the source of your website traffic, and let your data grow for about a month before examining it.

Use an Editorial Calendar

A successful internet marketing company will likely suggest that you use an editorial calendar to help refresh your online marketing strategy. This helpful tool allows you to plan out your content topics in advance, and it can help you to determine what type of content you share and when. This will help you to create a content mix that will promote, entertain, and inform, resulting in greater conversions.

Review Your Most Popular Blogs

Do you have older blogs that seem to be still bringing in traffic? Is that traffic converting, or has your blog since lost focus? Potential customers and visitors to your site respond better to high-quality content rather than posts that fade away quickly. Find out which posts have worked the best for your site and work to replicate that success. You might also want to hire a content writer who has experience with your niche for assistance.

Look at the Responses to Your Marketing Messages

In addition to your website, your social media platforms will also house your marketing message. Review the responses that you’ve received. If you are analyzing the online marketing plan you set up for Facebook, check to see whether your followers have commented the most on videos, photos, infographics, or other content. By looking at these responses closely, you’ll know what you should continue and what isn’t worth your time.

Examine Your Delivery Methods

As you become more strapped for time, it may be tempting to automate some of your marketing work so that you can lighten your load. Unfortunately, automatic content delivery and posting will likely be a turnoff to your audience. If your scheduled posts and auto-blogging aren’t getting the results you want, it might be time to start taking a more personal approach to your content delivery.

Consider Reusing Your Content

Reusing content can be beneficial, but only if you do it right. Never recycle the same content word-for-word, but instead, use a new format. If you created a successful blog, convert it into a helpful infographic and repost. Diversification will result in better value, and you’ll likely attract new audiences to your business.

How Our Internet Marketing Company Can Help

Do you need help revamping your small business marketing strategy? While there are certainly ways that you can refresh your approach on your own, you may also want to consider hiring a professional internet marketing company for further guidance.

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