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6 Holiday Promotions That Don’t Involve Discounts to Your eCommerce Customers

The biggest concern most WordPress eCommerce websites face during the holiday season is keeping up with retail giants. Most of them are offering huge discounts on products, and in order to remain competitive, many small eCommerce websites feel as if they have no choice but to follow suit. The truth is, you can provide numerous promotions that don’t involve discounts and still provide value for your customers.

Offer A Good Selection

The more freedom and options you can give your customers, the more empowered they feel. While you may not be able to provide the same selection or variations as major retailers, you can provide them with more than one or two choices. You can also offer additional shipping and payment options to sweeten the pot, so to speak.

Easy Payment Solutions

Do you only accept credit cards? If so, you’re crippling your ability to do business. We live in an age of instant gratification. The faster they can make their purchase and have it shipped, the happier customers are.

A large number of purchases this holiday season will come from mobile devices. This means that accepting payment methods, such as PayPal and other secure forms of mobile payment, are going to be a necessity.

Free Shipping Is King

The cost of shipping products always shocks a customer, especially when the cost of the product was less than the cost of shipping. The easiest way to make your customers feel more at home with your website is to offer free shipping. The best way to do this is to set a minimum purchase requirement so you can cover the cost of shipping and still turn a profit.

The key to this type of promotion is to advertise the free shipping option as it will cause online buyers to compare major retailers to you, rather than the other way around.

Be Available

Customers and potential customers are going to try to contact you to ask questions. It’s part of doing business. The more platforms you can offer your customers, the more exposure you’re providing your brand. This translates into more potential customers.

You need to create a 24/7 experience for your customers on social media platforms, mobile apps, phone calls, email messages, and directly to your website. The more you can engage your first-time customers, the more likely they are to convert themselves into long-term customers.

Provide More for Your WordPress eCommerce Customers

Regardless of whether they are buying something for themselves or for someone else, you should keep customers informed about products. By providing product videos, gift buying guides, and product suggestions, you can convert some of these one-time buyers into repeat customers for years to come.

Provide Unbeatable Service

Good customer service for a WordPress eCommerce website starts before the customer even accesses the Internet. Have all your promotions neatly and easily viewable on your homepage or landing page. Make sure you have all your return policies and procedures clearly written and accessible for customers.

Make sure employees that interact with your customers are fully trained on all your products and services. The key to providing unbeatable service is thinking like the customer, not the business.


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