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Turning First-Time eCommerce Buyers Into Loyal Customers After The Holidays

It’s that time of year again; the holiday season. A time when loved ones come together and memories are made. Did you know that even as WordPress eCommerce business owner, you can make some pretty unforgettable memories for your customers?

A lot of business owners think the trick to turning first-time buyers into long-term customers is intricate and difficult. The truth is, it is a lot easier than you would expect. The trick is to treat your customers the way you would expect to be treated.

Your WordPress eCommerce Customers Have a Voice

During the holidays, people have no problem spending money on other people. Most of them will look at websites that they’ve never been to before to get ideas on what to buy. If something catches their eye, they are going to look up reviews on the product, gather more information about the businesses selling that product, and ask questions.

Make sure that someone is responding to the emails, phone calls, social media posts, and comments directed to your website promptly. The quicker and more honestly you answer these questions, the more confidence you instill in them about your brand and services.

Go the Extra Mile

Nothing says the holidays like a neatly wrapped gift. Doing something as simple as nicely folding any garments you send and/or providing decorative packing materials adds a personal touch that most customers won’t get from other WordPress eCommerce websites. You can even offer gift wrapping services during the holidays to provide an even easier shopping experience.

Be Informative

One side effect of the holiday season is a lack of time. Everyone seems to be short on it. Rather than waiting for potential customers to come to you with questions, educate them about your products and services ahead of time. You can create tutorials and videos on different ways to use your products or services. You can also provide free expert advice on any additional accessories, updates or upgrades that might be helpful. Make you sure also provide accurate information on current refund and return policies to avoid confusion and complications down the road.

Expect Returns

Businesses hate the idea of customer’s returning products. It’s a part of doing business, and the more responsive, engaging and helpful you are, the more positive the experience is for the customer. Work with the customer to find a solution that benefits both parties. Perhaps they ordered the wrong size or the product had a missing piece or two. Offering simple solutions to exchange the item might be all that is required. If the customer is not keen on the idea of an exchange, offer to refund the purchase price and thank them for taking time to be a part of your online family.

Keep the Lines of Communication Open

After the hustle and bustle of the holiday season passes, follow up with your customers. Find out if the gift was a hit or not. Ask if they can suggest anything that could have made the gift even better. Your new customers came to you to find a gift for someone else, so asking their opinion and listening to them makes them feel more connected to the process and to your company.


You can use all the feedback they provide you with to create engaging and alluring ways to keep your WordPress eCommerce website in the front of their mind, especially when they need another gift for someone they care about.

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