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Taking Advantage of the Most Innovative eCommerce Trends

eCommerce has generated a high impact on the lives of those who wanted to have a simple method to make purchases. However, acquiring products or services online is not the only thing that has boosted eCommerce popularity, but also the wide variety of options that it offers customers as well as user-friendly environments for optimal user experience.

The integration of various payment options, product customization and even the implementation of promotions are just some of the key points that have transformed the growth of large and small businesses alike. The relationships built from these strategies have perfected the management of online businesses, thus guaranteeing their success and solidifying the best trends for eCommerce.

Improved User Experience Through Mobile Devices

Responsive Web Design has become a necessary element for websites, especially eCommerce stores, so that users can properly visualize and purchase products from any mobile device and enjoy the same experience as they would on a desktop. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to make a purchase on a non-responsive site and being unsuccessful. This not only leads to shopping cart abandonment, but also pushes people away from your store and discourages future purchases.

In the last years, responsive web design has positioned itself among the favorites of large corporations due to the freedom of navigation and access to the website’s content. Users love the simplicity that mobile devices offer when it comes to shopping, and even more if it’s an impeccably structured website.

As WooCommerce experts, we can assure that there are countless solutions for your online store that cater to your customers’ needs without compromising quality or user experience.

Real-Time Analytics

Unlike traditional analytics, which can be difficult to understand when tracking or detecting trends and conversion issues, real-time analysis is an invaluable resource for determining the status of your business in the market. It provides the ability to monitor the behavior of your company as well as your customers in order to identify and correct problems in the famous sales funnel.

A solution to this would be to implement a dynamic conversion optimization tool such as Lucky Orange. This all-in-one tool can help you track and monitor everything visitors do on your website before they leave by providing actionable data that gives you a clear understanding of underlying issues. Since many purchases can be lost due to difficulties related to payment methods, shipping options, or failed coupon codes, the objective of real-time analysis is to detect them immediately.

Video Marketing

It is well known that high quality photography and detailed descriptions of the products on your website are indispensable elements for a suitable marketing strategy. eCommerce business owners are constantly looking for creative ways to guarantee their growth against the competition and generate more sales by attracting their viewers.

With this in mind, videos have also become an important factor when it comes to marketing. According to a recent study conducted by Animoto, 70% of marketers plan to use social video advertising in the next 12 months. You don’t have to spend thousands to create high quality videos, but you do have to make sure your videos are getting noticed. 65% of marketers prioritize social video platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter over traditional web video such as Vevo and Youtube (source: “The Future of Digital Video,” Advertiser Perceptions on behalf of Trusted Media Brands Inc.).

Professional video hosting platforms such as Wistia not only secures your videos, but also provides marketing tools and analytics to help you understand how users interact and engage with your content. It’s a trusted platform that offers a variety of solutions that best fits your eCommerce needs.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is often used by a high percentage of established companies. Everything from lead segmentation to monitoring potential clients, and taking action to retain current clients are all part of the digital marketing process that can be automated in order to optimize sales.

More than an effective method to save time in activities that would normally be a full-time job, eCommerce business owners need solutions that guarantee positive results. We recommend implementing a marketing automation plugin for WooCommerce stores such as AutomateWoo. It’s a powerful and efficient plugin with numerous integrations, and provides plenty of marketing tactics such as follow up emails, abandoned cart reminders, personalized coupons and much more.

Are You Keeping Up With These eCommerce Trends?

Staying up to date on the latest innovations in the world of eCommerce is key for online business owners and their success. You don’t have to be an expert to fulfill your ideas, but having the right team of professionals can sure make them a reality.

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