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How Influencers Help Your eCommerce Outreach

If you are looking to expand your eCommerce outreach, influencer marketing is a great tool to consider. Influencer marketing involves forming relationships with influential people that can help you to create visibility for your products via word of mouth. Often these individuals have a major social media following, so a mention of your brand and what you have to offer can quickly reach thousands of people with a single post. By learning more about how influencers can help to boost your eCommerce outreach, you’ll be motivated to take advantage of this marketing strategy.

Brand Awarenessbrand awareness

If you are interested in advertising your brand to new people that you may have never otherwise reached, an influencer is a great tool. Influencers will plug your brand via their social media channels, letting potential customers get to know you.



save time Save Time

Using influencers to help with your eCommerce outreach is a great way to save time. By connecting with someone who will allow you to access and connect with their audience, they will essentially be doing all the work of promoting your product to their audience. Think of all the extra time you’ll have on your hands.




Improved Credibility to Boost Your eCommerce Outreachdon't tell me...show me

Establishing credibility with consumers can be difficult, especially if you are a new business. Using an influencer to promote or put out a favorable review about your product or service can be a great way to boost your eCommerce outreach.

Customers often respond well to the opinions of people that they trust, so a post mention by an influencer will give you instant credibility with their followers.


eCommerce cost savings Cost Savings

Influencer marketing can provide your business with significant cost savings when it comes to your marketing budget. This is especially important for small businesses who might have limited funds for advertising.

You’ll need to be very careful about how you invest your money and time, and using an influencer can help you to reach a wider audience all while spending less money than you would have with other advertising strategies.


Reach More Peoplesocial media influencers

It’s hard to put yourself out there and to connect with new people, but if you find a good influencer, you’ll also find a ready-made audience.

Partnering with an influencer will allow you easy access to an audience that is highly likely to become a consumer of your products, essentially expanding your reach.


banner blindnessAvoid Banner Blindness

The research firm Yankelovich has recently stated that the average American is exposed to nearly 5,000 ads per day, and we see so many that we tend to unconsciously tune most of them out.

On the other hand, consumers are likely to notice, read, and remember a post that someone they respect and admire posts online, so you will prevent banner blindness.


Influence marketing isn’t without its challenges. You’ll need to spend a lot of time and effort finding an influencer whose interests match yours and can best promote your brand.

However, once you have one who understands what you want, you’ll be able to sit back and watch them expand your eCommerce outreach.

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