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How AI is Starting to Make Its Way Into eCommerce Website Development

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is almost everywhere. From the way children play with toys to the many self-checkout cash registers at the grocery store; AI impacts many aspects of our lives. One such aspect is the way eCommerce businesses attract and retain their customers. In fact, it is predicted that by 2020, 85% of the relationship between a client and business with take place without any human interaction.

Continue reading to learn about how AI is making its way into eCommerce website development:

Visual Searches

A text-based search was used in the past to locate an item a customer was interested in purchasing. Today, however, visual searches are used by many eCommerce businesses. In a visual search, AI is used to examine a photo submitted by a customer and then locates items matching that image.

Neiman Marcus is one of the eCommerce companies that is dominating visual search. App users are able to take photos of an object in the real world, then similar ones are found in the company’s catalog by using visual search technology.

Voice Searches

Voice searches to locate items are increasing in popularity among shoppers. AI is used to understand what words are spoken, learns phrases and recognize voices. Voice assistants such as Siri and Alexa have popularized voice search and have made it necessary for eCommerce businesses to re-optimize their website to provide the ability to handle voice searches. A recent study predicts that at 50% of all web searches by 2020, will be accomplished by voice.

Echo, Amazon’s voice-controlled speaker, uses voice search technology to allow users to make online purchases. Shoppers can use spoken commands to make orders when they have a device integrated with its Alexa technology.

Machine Learning

Studies show that at least 30% of online shoppers will utilize a search function on an eCommerce website. With that being said, having the correct search result is important for retailers. To improve results, these retailers are turning to machine learning. With this type of AI, each time a user shops on a particular site, search results are improved. It can also be used to generate a search ranking, providing the ability to sort search results by relevance, rather than keyword.

One eCommerce company providing better search results by using machine learning is eBay. eBay, embraces the power of AI to predict and show the most relevant search results among the millions of items offered.

Personal Shoppers

High-end consumers are no longer the only ones who can use the convenience of a personal shopper. Thanks to artificial intelligence, virtual ones online are available for consumers at any level. AI technology can be used by online companies to recommend and curate products a shopper may like. Mona and Shoptagr are among the many online personal shopper technologies available that learn the user’s personal taste and habits.

One of the companies harnessing this power is the North Face. With help from IBM Watson, AI is used to recommend the perfect item people are searching for.

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