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Why Wordpress is An Affordable Business Website Option

For businesses of all sizes, the thought of establishing a strong online presence with an affordable business web site seems like an oxymoron.  In our Web 2.0 world, we are all aware of the many benefits the right online presence provides.  However, it can seem daunting to get the right technical expertise and creative web design necessary for a custom website design.  That is why wordpress is such an affordable business web site option.

With wordpress, the need for struggling with all the technical information and programming hassles no longer cost many thousands of dollars.  That is because it’s CMS (Content Management System) that started out as a tool for blogging.  It is so user-friendly and popular, it now provides many affordable web site options.  Many businesses of all shapes and sizes are using this popular CMS to grow their company’s online presence.

Here are the reasons why:

Wordpress Design Versatility

There are thousands of design themes available that are compatible with wordpress.  Or, you can have a custom theme crafted for your site.  Such design versatility means that the perfect custom web design is easily within your reach.  From cat sitters to unlimited concierge services, this powerful CMS has the right attractive design.

SEO and Online Marketing

Even if you are a novice with SEO and online marketing, the right wordpress website makes learning more about SEO accessible. The best SEO solutions allow your site to easily be found by search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and any other search engine. There are many themes and design choices make it easy for search engine crawling.  Plus, it is very user-friendly.  This means that you can easily tweak, enhance, and improve your SEO campaigns to meet the ever-changing market needs.

The Price is Right

Wordpress themes are typically 90% complete. This means that a professional web design agency can easily create a custom Wordpress web site.  This time-saving feature equals money-saving.  Traditionally, a creative website design could cost upwards of a thousand dollars.  With the right Wordpress support, a website can be customized and ready to go live for under a grand.

Two for One

Keeping content fresh, alive, relevant, and informative is easy when you have a site and a blog all in one. That is what Wordpress offers. It gives you features like a blog which allow you to stay in constant touch with your potential customers.  This 2 for 1 ability allows business owners to share information, give discounts, introduce new employees, and easily establish themselves as a thought leader in their industry.  The best custom web design integrates the blog and the static part of the site flawlessly.

Wordpress is an excellent way to get an affordable web design that will deliver business results.  With this CMS, anyone can learn how to navigate the backend of a site to make purposeful changes and adjustments.  With the right Internet marketing specialist, you can have bespoke widgets and plugins which give added ‘ooomph’ to your online presence.


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