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Responsive Web Design Impacts WordPress Themes

The HTML layout of a webpage which automatically fits to the height and width of any screen devise is called Responsive Web Design.  With this approach, the layout can be made to flow seamlessly on any devise – with a little assistance of the CSS written for that particular device.  Technically, the HTML that is generated remains the same for all devices; it is the CSS that provides the responsive management.  For example, a homepage slider with a 960 pixel width on a laptop or desktop will automatically be resized to 300 pixels for smartphone viewing.

There is no special server or hosting company required to run responsive websites.  Mainly because it is the browser itself which provides the responsiveness.  It all has to do with CSS3 and Media Queries.  Media Queries is the main aspect of responsive web design.  It is also the one which most impacts any custom WordPress theme or site.

When your site is built as a responsive web design, the ROI of that site is sure to be greater than if it was not created as a responsive design.  This is due to the fact that your site becomes equally viewer-friendly across many different screen sizes.  From laptops, tablets, desktops, to any kind of smart phone, the responsive site will be user-friendly.  It is all part of the web development process, so your site is ready to be viewed clearly on any size of device.

There may be some enhancements required in the web development process, but it truly is simple, clear, and easy.  The only specific items which require unique enhancements are the special events in touch-screen devices called “Swipe” and “Tap.”  Mainly because you will not find these in non-touch-screen devices.  Developers can easily create greater mobile functionality for a site, but it may cost a little more than just having a conventional site.

As of January 2012, WordPress is considered the most popular CMS. It is so well designed and user friendly that practically anyone can create a WordPress site that is functional and attractive.  With the right custom design/development team, WordPress can easily be ‘juiced up’ to deliver stunning results for business.

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