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5 Reasons Why WordPress Websites Are Better

While the Internet itself is not really a location, there is still an Internet culture with its own set of accepted norms and standard.  One cultural norm that has made a big difference in the way that sites look and run is that of custom WordPress themes.  WordPress is the gold standard for a pleasant reading and viewing experience online.  What was once a simple blog posting engine has turned into an attractive, custom method of operation for a variety of popular web pages across the globe.

WordPress is so popular for a multitude of reasons.  Quite simply, it provides amazing benefits to sites which are built in WordPress.  Here are 5 reasons why WordPress sites are better:

  1. Ability to customize – Experts and non-experts alike can customize their WordPress web site.  If you work with a custom web designer, they can easily use HTML and CSS programming language to create a site which is more unique, individualized, and custom than the standard template in Word Press.
  2. Ease of use – WordPress makes it easy for even novices to step in to page building on day one and finish their work with a few quality pages they can take pride in.  With its combination of easy to follow text formatting procedures and photo integration, the site’s pages can have colorful appeal from day one.
  3. Distinguishable posts – WordPress posts do not get lost in the internet shuffle.  Through tagging, search functions, and deep linking, users are able to recall posts from any point in the site’s history.
  4. Audience appreciation – Because it is the current gold standard, sites created in this format are some of the most visually appealing and pleasurable to view online.  When your site is in WordPress, you are improving branding by earning trust and respect.
  5. Author features – One of the main draws of WordPress is that an author can easily manage unwritten assignments with work that has been previously published.  WordPress gives site owners easy access for showing off samples to potential clients or customers.

Hosting a site with WordPress, especially one which has had custom theme designs added to enhance it, shows that your company is both forward thinking and aware of current innovations.  Come and see what WordPress can do for your business at: https://culturainteractive.com/



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