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Web Design Gives You Brand Identity

Finding the right colors to represent your brand is an imaginative part of integrating your web site with all of your branding activities.  The colors you choose will have a tremendous impact on the impression you create for your target market.  It is a way of distinguishing yourself from your competitors and to create a positive connection for you and your potential customers.  That is why web design is part of creating the right brand identity.

By integrating all of your branding efforts with your company’s web design, you are expressing the right character, philosophy, goals, and message for your business.  By consulting with a professional web design team, you will more easily be able to synthesize your branding efforts and draw more traffic to your site.  Some aspects to consider for your online brand identity are:

  1. The Psychology of Color – One large corporation that has spent thousands of dollars on the psychology of color is McDonald’s.  While you do not need to spend lots of money to find out what the psychology of color is, you do need to keep some ideas in mind.  For example, which colors establish a positive tone?  How can color encourage trust? In addition, are there colors, which establish feelings of calmness and optimism?
  2. What are your competitor’s colors?  In order to distinguish yourself from your competitors, you need to know what your competitors are doing.  This concept applies to color as well as other aspects of competition.  Find the right color that is representative of your industry and that will enhance your online branding efforts.
  3. Which brand colors are most appealing? Your customers are unique and your online brand colors should bear that in mind and appeal to them.  Colors like red can motivate folks to take urgent action.  Conversely, colors like orange may increase attractiveness and encourage people to buy products.  Be aware of what message your colors are sending.

 When you work with a professional web design firm, you will easily find the right colors, coding, and graphic elements to best represent your brand.  By considering the impact of color on your brand and using it consistently across all of your materials, your business is in the best position possible to grow.

For further details about the impact of color on your branding activities, contact: https://culturainteractive.com  Our professional team can work with you to enhance your brand and improve your bottom line.



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