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3 reasons for redesigning your website with a web designer

There are many reasons why you should redesign your website, maybe a more aesthetic web design, an improvement in your internet marketing, a new brand identity or maybe a more friendly and intuitive web design, but whatever are your reasons, we want to give you some advice in the important points you should be aware at the time you are thinking to contact a web designer with your web redesign needs.

1. When do you need to redesign your website?

One of the company leaders in Inbound Marketing indicates in its study that 39% of marketers feel a company should redesign their website every 13-24, and in other cases, 29% of marketers feel a website should be redesigned every 25-36 months.

These ranges of time vary depending in many different aspects of your business, but what really are the reasons you should redesign your website, depends in your business particular goal for your website.

2. Why do you need to redesign your website?

We have identify some of the common reason why our clients redesign their websites, here are a few:

I want a website that is more user friendly

The vast majority of Internet’s users is looking for solutions, they can be products or services, but solutions at the end. Your website should help users to find what they are looking for through a good navigation and a well designed internal link structure.

Always keep in mind that you are designing your website for your users, not for yourself. The main goal of your website is to retain users in your pages providing them the right information in the correct way. Your website is an extension of your marketing goals and it must be able to convert in its particular way, selling products, providing information, capturing leads, increasing your newsletter subscription base, etc.

A well designed website must have a clear call to action that your users can immediately follow as they land in your home page. That is what usually users identify as friendly user interface or good usability.

A really nice tool to know who your users are, how much time they spend in your website, what pages they visit the most, and how they reach every one of your web pages can be provided by Google Analytics, a free service by Google.

I want to have my website easily to be indexed by search engines

Probably you have read or listen this too many times, but let me tell you it one more time, “content is king”. Your website needs rich content that provide information and solutions for users (sounds familiar these words?). Supply content to your users with the following features:

  • Get to the point quickly
  • Cut out unnecessary information
  • Use easy-to-understand, shorter, common words and phrases in your paragraphs
  • Use rich keywords in your content that are related with your website’s business

Remember that users are scanning the information in your website, they start reading only after they have found what they were looking for, so keep the main idea, and key words in the first paragraphs of your content.

The use of internal linking between your pages will increase crawl-ability to your website, helping users to navigate to other relevant pages, and showing search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing,etc) how your content has been distributed between your website.

As you see above, one of the best SEO practices that you can apply to your website, are the same practices that you should apply for your users. Keep information fresh and important for your users, and it would be valuable for search engine optimization.

3. How to redesign your website?

The best way you can redesign your website is contracting a professional web designer that have the experience and qualifications necessary to provide advice in everyone of the different phases of your website redesign.

When you are in the task of looking for the perfect match for your new website make sure the web designer you choose has an active portfolio where you can see their work, get details about every project, and read some of the comments and testimonials from currents and past clients.

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