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How Web Design Enhances User Experience

User experience and web design go hand-in-hand for any website, whether it is meant for a professional company website or a personal blog site. That is why user experience, also known as UX, has become integral in web development, layout, and the design of each page for websites. If websites are too slow, difficult navigate, or have problems within the design, then users are just going to click away and find a competitor’s website that works better for them instead.

Nobody wants users to click out of their website because of poor UX, which is why you should know the basics of web design and how it directly affects the experience of the user. Just take a look at these numbers:

  • According to research by eConsultancy, a whopping 40% of users will click out of a website if it takes longer than three seconds to load! You only have a few seconds to grab the attention of the user and need to make sure your website is highly responsive and fast in turn. That means streamlining your web design and making sure you’re not using an over abundance of moving graphics, high-res images, and rich media like video on your website’s pages that could slow it down. Minimalism with an emphasis on accessibility is key.
  • In a 2012 survey by Keynote, 44% of anonymous mobile website users complained about difficult or hard to find navigation on most sites they visited. As a result, they clicked away and found a different site with much easier navigation. When it comes to UX, you also need to consider the mobile user as they’re rising rapidly and account for a huge chunk of web traffic and that means having a mobile optimized site as well as a stellar desktop site. Both of them will need easy navigation in order to attract the most users and leads.

When a user lands on your website, they usually have a reason to do so. Maybe it’s a specific piece of content like a blog post, an interesting article, or even an offer they are interested in. Whatever the case, the design of the website needs to make their experience easy and as fast as possible. The numbers from eConsultancy and Keynote should be enough to convince you about the importance of web design when it comes to UX, as these sorts of things need to be considered for the best results in captured leads, sales, and a higher ROI.

Conversion is key, and you can make it much easier for your business when web design and UX work together. If you’re not well versed in web design, or know the mechanics of UX, Cultura Interactive agency has the expertise to help you, along with experience in content marketing and social media to drive and grow those website conversions. We are located in Miami and Fort Lauderdale and offer a variety of services for small businesses. Learn more about our services or contact us for a personal interview.

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