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Five Common Mistakes that Could Squander Your Money with Google Ads

Google’s PPC or pay-per-click advertising platform recently rebranded itself and is known now as Google Ads.  Although the name may not be the same, the principles underlying the system are the same as they were eighteen years ago, when AdWords first launched.  An ad is written for your business; by choosing specific keywords your ad will pop up when a user searches for something.  You pay for each time a user clicks on your ad even if they do not buy anything from your business.

It is actually pretty easy to set up for the first time, but if you are not careful you may just be putting more money into Google’s purse than your own.  Here we will discuss five very common mistakes that many advertisers that utilize Google Ads make.

Choosing to Use the Wrong Type of Keywords

Pick your keywords carefully; choose words that show a buyer’s intent.  For example, you own a company that steam cleans kitchens, Kitchen steam cleaning company is a search that a person would use when they are looking for a company to do the work for them.

Illuminating keywords that do not show a buyer’s true intent will ultimately improve your return on investment as well as decrease your Google Ads expenditure.

Broad Match Utilization

Many assume that when you place a particular keyword such as (washing machine repair) that their ad will only come up when a person types in that exact phrase.  Again not true, Google Ads has a default setting known as ‘broad match’ in order to calculate if a users search is close enough to your keywords.  Therefore, when bidding on your keywords change that default setting, to phrase match or exact match.

Not Enough Ads

Many believe that they are able to use just one ad that will pop up when one of the keywords have been triggered.  But, in order to be successful, your ads have to be highly relevant to what the user has been searching for.  In order to be successful, you will need multiple ads that utilize ad grouping in order to associate each of the ads with a small set of keywords that are very relevant to your business.

Keeping Display Select ON

Google uses two networks for Google Ads; the most familiar one is called the Search Network.  This is when you see ads displayed below as well as above the results.  By default, Google sets the ad campaign to both of their networks.  A better approach is to set your ads to Search Network Only; this will enhance the quality of your search traffic.

Ad Extensions

An ad extension is a way to include various types of information that will be displayed with your Ad.  It allows you to include information such as your phone number, address, or a list of different services you may provide.  This gives searchers more information about your business which in turn may encourage them to click on your ad.

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