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Brand Identity Design Basics

Distinguishing yourself from your competitors all comes down to branding in our virtual age.  In order to separate your business from the pack of businesses doing something similar, there are some basics you will need to consider.  First of all, you will want your brand design to build a long lasting impression, which is memorable in all the right ways.  Here are a few brand identity design basics to help you achieve that goal:

Obviously before you consider things like visuals, icons, and the use of text; you will want to have given considerable time in researching and preparing your actual business logo.  When you put the time in at the beginning to ‘front-load’ like this, you will easily find your brand identity becoming successfully established.

  • Visuals – The time it takes to connect your visual illustrations directly with your brand concepts is time well spent.  When you have a visual which directly speaks to what it is your company does and how it is different from the competition, you have created a way for online visitors to easily identify your products, goods, and services.
  • Icons – Finding the best graphic examples to support your visual branding and message is another effective tool in generating the right kind of traffic to your site.  If your design team has taken the time to create an easily identifiable icon which is simple to reproduce and eye-catching, then you are well on your way to proper branding.
  • Use of text – This can mean anything from the amount of writing or text on your site to the color, shape, size, and font of the text you are putting forth.  Size matters!   For example, if you are marketing to an older crowd, you may choose to use a larger typeface or font than if you trying to create a more youth-oriented brand.

By using these three main ideas or concepts, your branding will closely represent the identity you are wishing to establish for your business.  From larger companies to smaller ‘Mom and Pop’ family-run businesses, every business owner should be aware of how branding works and the specific things you can do to enhance it.  That way, you will be head and shoulders above your competition.

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