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5 ways to establish brand identity

Using the internet to establish your brand identity is the quickest way possible to spread the word and generate that all-important viral word of mouth. When you talk to a web development firm, they should be able to guide you through some important strategies for establishing the right brand identity for your business.


Here are 5 ways to use the internet for your brand identity:

  1. Have your domain name as your e-mail address:  Pretty straightforward, right?  This is a straightforward approach which is often overlooked.  When your e-mail contains your domain name as part of it, you are not only creating the best brand identity, but are putting the signals out for the search bots to find you more easily.
  2. Owning your domain name: There is lots of competition for domain names, so be sure to choose wisely.  It does not cost very much to own your domain name, but choosing one that is not already taken can be a challenge.  Having your domain name as the name of your business and vice versa can mean the difference between staying in business or not.
  3. Have a professional web site: When you use the services of a professional web developer or web designer, you are making an investment in attracting and keeping the most possible clients.  Be sure to have your content well organized and laid out in an easy to find and use manner.
  4. Create a fab e-mail signature: Your e-mail signature is a mini-advertisement for your brand and your business.  If you have a logo, be sure it is in your signature with the right dimensions and colors.  Use your e-mail signature when you post on discussion groups or online forums.  That way, the positive buzz about your brand is appearing over and over again.
  5. Include your URL on print materials:   Nothing is stagnant on the web.  It is all about getting fresh content and promoting, promoting, promoting your business.  One of the best ways to do this is to be sure that your URL is on all of your business cards, e-mails, newsletters, and offline marketing collateral.  The more the word is out, the better your business will be.


When you keep in mind these simple concepts, you are well on your way to taking advantage of every opportunity the internet offers for building your brand.  By taking the time to establish a consistent online and offline identity with a purposeful domain name and promotional efforts, your brand will be built in no time.


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