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4 Ways to Make your Web Design Vibrant

In creating the perfect web design for your business or in revamping an existing site, there are a number of essential rules that can be followed to make your web design more vibrant.  Here are 4 ways to create the right, enticing site for your business:

  1. Browser Compliance – When your web site is in development, it is highly recommended that the site itself be tested on several different browsing platforms.  If a website is compliant to professional standards, then it should look beautiful and work on most major browsing platforms.
  2. Content Quality and Readability – Not only does all website content need to be able to upload in a way that consistently hits the mark, but it is also wise to make sure that pages use eye-catching design factors like background color, font and type of font.  Oranges and yellows make it difficult for people to read what is on the site.  It is also wise to not use an image as a background that has even the most remote chance of merging with the font.
  3. User-friendly navigation – Your designer needs to employ every tool possible to ensure an enjoyable browsing experience for your visitors.  By effectively using menus and links, the smooth flow is established from one page to another.  The rule of thumb is to make sure that users can get to the desired page within the first three clicks.
  4. SEO optimization – How a site looks is like the skin and muscle on a body, while the site architecture and SEO are the heart, bones, and blood vessels of it.  Be sure to incorporate SEO elements into the actual structure of the site and its design.  That way, it is sure to be examined and remembered.

Finally, it is always a good idea to keep pull-down menus, fonts, colors, look, feel, and texture of a site consistent throughout.  Another tip is to maintain the lowest page weight possible – this save loading time for users.

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