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The Difference Between Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat Stories

It is not deniable that Snapchat is just about everything to everyone out there. When it comes to those great filters, stories and other ways that make sharing bits of your life more exciting, it is no surprise that using this app is going to change the way that every other social media channel also shares.

So, what is going to change with everything? Especially now that Snapchat is no longer the dominant one in the world that we live in? Instagram stories have more than 250 million views per day compared to Snapchats 161 million. However, a lot of people do not even know what to do with each one and whether or not they have to take on a whole new shape and form because of it.

Snapchat Stories

As with everything, Snapchat had to come up with something different and with it, stories were invented. You don’t get many options with it and it is not the front page of the landing page, so it might be less than the star of the show.

However, the stories appear in order and play on their own so you can go through friends easily and you don’t have to worry about screenshots being taken, which is always a plus because you will know. Also, Snapchat is the king of this, so of course, they need recognition.

Many companies choose to use Snapchat for their business. Some of those who successfully use this platform for business purposes include Taco Bell, Amazon, Sour Patch Kids, Mashable, Birchbox, Acura, and

Stories on Instagram

Instagram was a great place to share those pictures and become your own little artist with each one you took and put up. Thanks to an update in November of last year, you can now upload any image or video from your camera roll to Instagram stories, rather than only the last 24-hours.

Your stories are put out there to the public by default, so this might be something to change if you don’t want it to be. Also, Instagram is one of the easiest platforms to use for everyone. This means there are more people using it and you can easily throw up your pics. No questions asked.

Also, did you know that Instagram is owned by Facebook? This allows you to share your stories directly from Instagram to Facebook! Need we say more…

Facebook Stories

Yes, Facebook now jumped on board and is offering a story mode for those of you that want to share something easier. However, it is Facebook which means it is not as cool. This, however, is easily the biggest audience that you can ever have and you can even put your live feeds on your story, which is pretty cool. Unfortunately, many people on Facebook do not utilize the stories feature, making Instagram the largest audience.

Your story is front and center when the app is opened for other people, so say cheese, because they can all see you.

There are not many differences when it comes to the three, but you will notice that the audience reach that you have with each is what stands out the most. Instagram is the most popular of these 3 social media platforms when it comes to stories, which would mean you can expect the largest audience. Not as many people are into Snapchat, just like Facebook has the largest following you will find but a smaller stories audience.

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It is essentially up to you on which you want to use, plus you don’t have to choose just one, you can actually use all three social media platforms if you really want to. They’re all offering something a bit different.

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