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5 Misconceptions About Social Media Marketing

Unfortunately, many of today’s modern online business owners are still holding on to some very old misconceptions about social media marketing. The likelihood is, many eCommerce business owners find it extremely difficult to keep up with social media due to how rapidly the trends and information changes. This is part of the reason why so many myths have developed about social media marketing. Here is a look at 5 common social media marketing misconceptions.

Posting The Same Content Nets Better Results

A lot of eCommerce business owners believe that by mass posting the same content, they get the information out to more people. Unfortunately, redundancy in social media does far more harm than good in terms of trust and reliability. In fact, people who do repost their information tend to lose followers rather than gain them. Rewriting the content to be unique gives you a chance to touch on multiple points of view and interests that can attract greater responses.

Social Media Marketing Operates During Normal Business Hours

A lot of people believe that social media marketing is like a standard 9 to 5 style job. You put in 5 days a week at 8 hours a day, and you’re good to go. Unfortunately, they forget that the Internet never closes. When you focus only on posting and interacting with people during normal business hours, you’re missing a large part of your audience. Most people don’t completely engage in social media until the later hours of the day anyway, once they are done with work. That is why successful eCommerce business owners schedule posts, tweets and content updates throughout the day, not just during business hours.

Success Is Defined By The Number of Followers You Have

A lot of business owners think that a successful social media marketing campaign is measured by the number of followers you have. Just because you have a large following, doesn’t mean they are going to promote your brand or even make purchases themselves. If you start with a smaller following that is engaging and talking about your product, you’re going to find greater success than those owners who paid for twitter followers that do nothing but take up space.

You Don’t Need Social Media Because of SEO

Some online business owners pay big bucks for comprehensive SEO work. They believe that being on page 1 or page 2 of most or all search engines is good enough. The problem with this approach is, social media is a far larger platform for communication that most people think. People have started to get their news from social media platforms over websites and television networks. What started out as a fun way for teenagers and young adults to hang out virtually, has turned into one of the pinnacles of modern communication.

People will use search engines to find the things they are looking for, however, how can they search for something that they do not know exists? They can’t. That is why social media marketing and counting on your followers to share the information for you has become one of the mainstays of modern business marketing.

Social Media Marketing Is Just to Help People Discover Your Business

Having people discover your business is only one way in which social media marketing can help your business. It is a great way to build relationships with customers and turn them from one-time buyers into loyal customers. It also allows you to address any concerns or complaints easily and quickly. While some people believe that a bad review or comment is going to destroy them, how you react is what will make or break you.


By using social media to correct problems or address concerns, you show how much you care. Even if you cannot make that particular customer happy, other potential customers will see the lengths that you took to try and make the customer happy. That alone is worth its weight in gold.

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