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What will Local SEO Look Like in 2020?


In 2020, local SEO importance will increase, making it difficult for local businesses to reach the top of search results. There is already local intent with forty-six percent of searches on Google. Almost all local search converts into either an offline or online sale. Local SEO will be more difficult with more businesses trying to reach the top of the local search results. This is why you need to consider the following:

  • About fifty percent of searches by 2020 will be voice-based with much less typing involved. Because of this, hyperlocal and long tail searches increase.
  • An important aspect in businesses gaining more positive reviews on local search results will be client reviews.
  • The key will be user engagement. Businesses that have the most engagement will have a higher importance on Google.

What Will Remain the Same

Basic Relevance, Distance, and Prominence or RDP will remain the same in 2020. Because of RDK remaining the same, your overall business presence in Google local search results will be affected.

  • Relevance – how well the user’s intent matches with the business listing.
  • Distance – how far the business is from the searcher when the search is made.
  • Prominence –  measurement of the popularity of the business in the online and offline world

Principal Factors That Will Make Greatest Difference in SEO

1. The greatest chance for ranking at the top in local search will go to businesses that have outstanding services/products. This means that the businesses advertising budget will no longer be relevant in reaching the top of Google local searches.

2. A key factor will be “Entity Authority” in Google’s local algorithm. The following factors may be used to determine the authority of the entity according to an article published on Tidings:

  • Entity popularity
  • Entity engagement

3. In the years to come new “engagement metrics” will have a role. Metrics for local search engagement such as how many individuals ask for the business location using local maps or how many individuals have saved the business in their Android phone as a contact will have a major role.

4. Voice SEO will have a major role in the future. A survey published by BrightLocal revealed that about fifty-six percent of users used a Smartphone in the last twelve months when searching for a local business. In that same survey, it was also revealed that the top three businesses searched for locally ere food delivery, restaurants, and grocery stores.

This means that businesses that neglect to optimize their presence for voice search will find themselves struggling to rank high. To optimize your business for voice SEO, consider the following steps:

  • Accurate business listing
  • Ranking for long tail keyword (question-based)
  • Get your business listed under the Knowledge Panel
  • Optimize for “near me” searches

In Closing

In 2020 local SEO is going to become tougher. It will be difficult for marketers to reach the top in organic listings with more new businesses trying to compete with older ones. The service/product will be the most vital aspect of local ranking. In addition to service/product, engagement metrics, entity authority, voice SEO, and business mentions will all play major roles in local SEO.

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