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Online revenue is the grand prize in the long run for web owners, but it may not happen fast enough for businesses that passively count on building web content. In order to stimulate sales, small business SEM needs to tighten…

Online revenue is the grand prize in the long run for web owners, but it may not happen fast enough for businesses that passively count on building web content. In order to stimulate sales, small business SEM needs to tighten the focus in areas of niche development and techniques that generate high visibility in search rankings. A website that is very broad in its offerings is unlikely to experience as much sales as focused sites.  Also, pay per click advertising is another way to speed up sales.

Limiting Product Choices

Unless a business is trying to imitate Amazon, the world’s leading online retailer, a short list of products will outperform a long list for a website that relies on SEO for customers, who can become easily confused and indecisive when too many choices are offered. SEO works as a tool for bringing specific buyers to a website offering specific products or deals.

The real purpose of SEO is to beat competitors not only in search rankings, but also in offering specific unique opportunities that online surfers are searching for. By offering too many unnecessary products, it is harder for visitors to find what they really want. Also, time is a big factor for people searching online for products, especially when they spend little time on a website. As a result, it is important to specialize in products that give people what they are looking for right away. SEO is designed to speed up the searching process for search engine users.

Online Visibility With SEM

Many SEO experts talk a lot about content marketing, but don’t spend much time linking this craft to revenue generation. They tend to imply a “field of dreams” mentality that if one builds a huge website full of content, customers will find it. However, that’s only true if competitors aren’t working as hard at SEO.

In order to maximize small business SEM to generate or increase revenue, a website must be more omnipresent online than competitors in specific niches. This high visibility can be achieved by being listed in as many local search engines as possible. For example, Google Places, Yelp, Zagat, and Internet Yellow Pages are some of the many examples that people turn to when searching for local businesses in their area.

Moreover, websites can gain further visibility by developing relationships with bloggers with big loyal online followings. Bloggers look for content to write about in their niches and want to impress their fans by introducing them to relevant websites and deeper content. Another way to gain online attention is to buy pay per click advertising through popular platforms such as Google AdWords, which places ads at the top of their search results pages for specific keywords. Google offers other valuable tools for small business SEM, such as Analytics, Webmaster Tools and Shopping Search.

Product Pages and Revenue

The architecture of a commercial website should provide quick and easy navigation to product pages where customers can learn about products and make purchases. A simpler process will increase the chance of online sales and repeat customers. Product pages need to have unique titles with appropriate keywords so that they are easily found in search engines.


A product page will be most effective at generating revenue if it includes a high quality thumbnail and image of the product. One of the keys to online sales is providing a friendly experience, and invites interested people to learn more about products by offering trials, coupons and customer reviews.

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