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5 tips for SEO web development

SEO web development is a hot topic now.  Moreover, it is not going to go away anytime in the near future.  Whether you are a web developer, business owner, or perceptive consumer, knowing a little bit about SEO is very helpful engaging your online audience. Here are 5 things to know about SEO web development which can easily guide more traffic to your web site:

1.    Make sure each page is unique – SEO wise: When you include individual page titles and specific metadescriptions, you are creating more opportunities for online traffic.  No matter which CMS (content management system) you are currently using, make sure that the meta descriptions and default title pages are unique and specific.
2.    Create the right XML sitemap: The sitemap is one way human visitors and search engine algorithms and robots find you online.  Make sure you create the right XML site map for the search engines and that each individual page is SEO optimized.
3.    Be mindful of your URL: Keywords are a critical element of creating the right URL.  So, make the most of them and create a URL, which is an easy to understand title for your page or services.
4.    Make the site User-Friendly:  All elements of your site from registration to login to searching within the site need to be easy to use.  If there are more than 2-3 steps involved in a process on your site, you will lose traffic.
5.    Keep your code clean:  When the code for all of the pages on your site is clean, it loads more quickly.  When a site loads fast, it is easier for both search engines and online users to access.  That way, the humans will not get bored and the search-bots will not move on due to delayed time.

SEO web development is a straightforward way of guiding the right traffic – human and searchbot – to your site and your business.  There are many other tips for creating excellent sites that are SEO-friendly.  To find out more, contact us at:

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