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How We Designed Our Christmas Card

Christmas is the perfect holiday to get into a personal projects and surprise friends, clients and relatives with a custom piece of your craft, so this time we decided to create our own Christmas Cards.

As designers here in Cultura Interactive Web Design & Development, we always use illustrations to develop custom icons, and small pieces that provide those small details that make everyone of our project special, but this time the goal was to create an unique character that can be used as our Santa Claus.

The initial process started with some free hand drawings to find out our little Santa Claus.

Once we defined what was the approach we will follow with our character, it was the time to create some objects for its costume (still as hand drawing pieces)

Later we decided how we would do it using digital tools making some notes before to start with the work on the computer.

Our final product was a nice Christmas Card ready to be sent out with a front view in full color and a back place to hand write a personal message for our friends. Nothing better than a printed piece designed at home to express the real meaning of Christmas.

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