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Cultura Interactive Attends WooConf 2016

We’ve officially attended our first WooConf as WooExperts! This year’s conference was held in the heart of downtown Austin, Texas. It was a 2-day event that featured over 40 prestige speakers, hands-on workshops for store owners and developers, and plenty of networking opportunities to learn and enhance our knowledge of WooCommerce; the world’s leading eCommerce solution that powers about 30% of all online stores.

Benefits of Attending WooConf

  • Always Learn Something New. Part of attending these events as WooExperts is to not only stay informed and up to date with the latest in eCommerce, but it also helps us polish our expertise by learning how to use WooCommerce to its full potential and incorporating it into our projects.
  • Meet Future or Potential Clients. Networking is a great way to show off what we know (not to mention the fact that we’re WooExperts) and also learn from others. Since most of the attendees are store owners, entrepreneurs, designers or developers, it’s great to mingle and share each other’s success stories. Who knows, you could even meet a potential client!
  • Hear from World Class Speakers. In order to be a pro, you have to learn from the pros. With over 40 highly experienced WooCommerce experts, or WooNinjas, we were able to capture some practical tips and tricks involving this multipurpose software.

wooconf wooexpertsMatt Mullenweg: The WordPress Guru

If you don’t know who Matt Mullenweg is…Google him! Not only is he the guy with the blue hair (yes, he had blue hair at WooConf), but he also happens to be the man behind developing the free, open source web software known as WordPress!

We definitely learned a lot from Matt, and we couldn’t help but brag that our logo was even featured on one of his keynote slides as WooExperts! Can you spot our logo?



Overall, our experience at WooConf was a success, and it was great to have the opportunity to represent our company as one of the 15 WooExperts in the United States.

Cultura Interactive agency is an award winning Fort Lauderdale web design studio, and verified WooExperts for WooCommerce, that strives to create unique and attractive websites, develop strategic internet marketing campaigns and even generate a successful mobile app business plan for our clients.

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