CashFlow Depot

It is an educational platform that offers advisory services for future real estate investors. Cash Flow Depot’s twenty-seven years of experience have made its business model stand out thanks to the detailed training they offer in their seminars and the personalized guidance that customers can receive by joining the programs contained in their membership.

The Challenge

CashFlow’s objective was to build a website to offer advice to investors interested in the real estate industry, providing them with the necessary resources to encourage and expand their learning. At the same time, they needed a space that would function as a communication channel to interact with their community and make visible the experience of other investors who have been successful in the same field.

Work Created

Web Design
Web Programming
Customized Workflow



New Identity

Aware of the importance of giving brand awareness through visual elements that will represent it, we designed a logo that reflects the values ​​and services offered to the public. After submitting a proposal with some possible models, our creative team managed to find the perfect design for CashFlow.

Bringing the Project to Life

The first stage of the project consisted of giving shape to the ideas raised by client to later start with the creation of the website. After defining the structure and section’s layout through a use of a sitemap, we established the architecture of the page using a wireframe. This gave us a general idea of ​​the features and distribution that we would create later.

That is how we decided to incorporate an attractive color scheme and a strategic personalized design that would give life to a 100% friendly website.


It offers the resources that clients need to extend the content taught in the teaching programs. When we were considering the functionality that this area of ​​the website would have, we decided that the design should not only be visually appealing, but also provide a good browsing experience. Thanks to the customization of the WooCommerce Membership plugin, subscribed members can now access all available content based on their membership grade. From courses and e-books to expert seminars, the Catalog’s intuitive layout makes it easy to search across products and provides detailed information about each product.

In addition, you can create and manage recurring payment subscriptions, which translates into revenue that CashFlow Depot can track and account for.


As a learning platform, it was essential that the new website had a section where users could present their concerns or open new topics for discussion. For this reason, we have created an interactive social network that presents, in chronological order, the list of topics covered. Conversations are easy to categorize thanks to the filter by category and the search box that we incorporated.

The forum works as an incentive to share experiences or contact directly with the professionals in charge of training.


From the drop-down menu, clients can access the CashFlow Blog, which has articles of interest and complementary guides for learners, or scroll to the “File Vault” section to view shared files.

It should be noted that only members subscribed to the program will have the download option available.


By pressing the “Get Your Membership” button, users are redirected to the checkout. The customized form, auto-completes as the data is entered, which serves to expedite the purchase. The number of fields to fill in was also modified, making the process faster and less tedious.

Once subscribed, new members get access to trainings, uploaded files and additional material provided by CashFlow. From “My Account” they can manage or update their subscriptions and have personalized support at any time.

Landing Pages.

With the use of Visual Composer’s plugin, we were able to design a custom template for Landing Pages that allows our client to easily create marketing campaigns. Content editing and management is much easier, simplifying the design of any element.

Mission Accomplished

No challenge is impossible for Cultura Interactive!

Thanks to the joint effort, we managed to create a website with a sober and, at the same time, dynamic design. In addition to improving the user experience and making the platform more intuitive, we completely renewed the image of CashFlow Depot, giving it an identity that makes it stand out within its competitors.

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