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Creating Custom, Targeted Emails to Improve Your CTR

When it comes to marketing automation, creating customized and targeted emails that will automatically be sent out to certain contact lists is a crucial activity. This will allow you to get important information out to the right people, improving conversions and nurturing your leads. However, when you create your custom, targeted emails, there are some important steps you’ll want to take in order to improve your click-through rate.

Create a Design that is Responsive

Recent research has shown that over 50% of all emails are viewed using a mobile device, so when designing your email, it is important that you plan for use on multiple platforms. By adjusting the message layout to fit with different screen sizes, you’ll ensure that the email looks great regardless of whether it is viewed on a laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

Develop a Clear Call-to-Action

In any email marketing campaign, it is important that you understand your call to action and take steps to implement it. The call to action is the most important part of the email, and it describes the action that the recipient should perform, including signing up for a newsletter or making a purchase. There are a few rules that can help you to prepare a proper call to action in your custom, targeted email:

  • Place the call to action in a visible place
  • Use contrasting colors that will help to distinguish the call to action from the rest of the page
  • Use easy to understand statements that make your call to action clear

Regularly Test and Optimize Your Email Marketing

There are several factors that will influence the click-through rate and overall efficiency of your email marketing. Testing particular elements of your email, including the graphics, content, and layout, will help you to optimize the communication process. This will help to ensure that the message you are sending best meets the needs of your subscribers, so regularly test out your emails by changing content, substituting graphics, and improving the layout. The most successful elements will generate higher CTRs.

Use Email Tracking

WordPress marketing automation goes a step further when it comes to your email marketing campaign by allowing you to track your emails. Without email tracking, your marketing and sales won’t be aligned, but the integrated email analytics available when using WordPress can make it easy to track which emails are being opened by your clients. Email tracking tools can provide a wealth of important information:

  • Determine what your customers want. A/B tests and marketing automation campaigns with link and email opening tracking will help you understand what your customers respond to.
  • Find out how your customers want to hear from you. Do your leads click on general company information, or do they prefer to receive emails each week with discounts based on their browsing behavior?
  • Personalize the customer experience. Using lead scoring, segmentation, and tagging, you can personalize the journey of your customers, helping to build a personal relationship with each of them.

Need Some Marketing Automation Guidance?

Email marketing is a fundamental step in marketing automation. By using WordPress for your marketing automation activities, you’ll more easily connect with your customers and potential leads, saving time and boosting sales.

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