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5 Real Facts About Marketing Your Business to Millennials

There are plenty of articles telling you what you should or shouldn’t do when it comes to marketing to millennials nowadays. However, there are also a number of misconceptions about what defines a millennial and how they look for information, make online purchases and generally behave online.

We’ve done our research, and our marketing experts have discovered five facts about what marketing really means to millennials, and how to adjust your strategy when it comes to marketing your online business.

Mobile is Always First

The most common misconceptions about millennials is that they’re “lazy,” or they’re always on their phones texting; however, not all millennials are created equal. Yes, most people in this generation are considered to be “mobile junkies,” but mobile phones are just convenient devices that allow everyone (not just millennials) to get things done in a fast, easy way.

According to Google, 66 percent of millennials are confident that the information they find on mobile devices is likely to be the same on the desktop version of a website (which is why your site has to be mobile friendly). Basically, once they’ve seen your company on social media,  checking out your website is secondary on their list.

Social Media is Your New BFF

If you thought that just having a website was enough, think again. When you’re marketing your business online, millennials shop, browse, book their travels (yes, traveling is the new trend) and even make dinner reservations on their phones. Two words: social media.

For instance, if you own a restaurant you better be sure they’re looking for pictures of your food online. Whether it’s on Instagram (which is the most popular resource) or even on Yelp, millennials rely on the following:

  • Presentation. As in any social media strategy, presentation is key when you’re trying to market to your target audience. Remember, millennials like to try new things and word-of-mouth marketing is key in this particular industry.
  • Quality. Taste is always the number one seller. You can have the most beautiful pictures of your entrees on social media, but if the flavor isn’t there, then the images won’t do justice.
  • Ambience. Millennials like fresh, trendy environments where they can hang out and have a good time (without spending too much). Creating the perfect ambience, combined with great tasting food and affordable prices, you can be sure they’re coming back – and telling others about their experience, too!

The same goes for eCommerce stores. In a recent study by Hubspot, 84 percent of consumers research online, and 70 percent read online reviews before buying online. Millennials are no exception. They want to know from other people that the brand they trust is worth their loyalty and, most importantly, their money.

Choose Your Ads Wisely

If there’s one thing that annoys millennials the most, it’s definitely pushy ads! Unless the ad specifically targets exactly what they’re looking for, or it offers some sort of attractive promotion, it’s likely that certain ads will be ignored (just keep scrolling). Nobody likes to be forced to do anything, especially when it comes to buying stuff online, so don’t force your customers into a sale. Only six percent of millennials in the U.S. consider online advertising to be credible. This is why marketers need to figure out how to target millennials online, and create eye-catching content that actually works.

This generation doesn’t respond to hard selling. They’re growing up in a culture of sharing, and social media is one of the most prominent tools to show off your brand and get your ads noticed. Loyalty isn’t something that can be bought, but with the right collaboration, brands can still make their targeted online marketing campaigns succeed.
You can try these:

  • Influencer marketing. A lot of millennials idolize certain people on social media. So, take advantage of this online marketing option and research an influencer that best fits your business goals. Tip: It’s not about the amount of followers the influencer has. It’s about the quality of the content they share. After all, they’re going to represent your brand.
  • Short video ads. Most people tend to view videos without the sound turned on. So make sure your video ads are short, attractive and can be understood without sound.

Coupons and Promotions are Gold

By now, you’re probably thinking it’s practically impossible to market to this generation. Relax, take a deep breath and keep reading. If you want to market to millennials, you have to think like a millennial (it’s not that serious). Who doesn’t like discounts and coupons? While any age range enjoys a good promotion, this generation in particular is constantly looking for ways to cut costs while still preserving the quality they trust from their favorite brands.

According to Leadscon, 66 percent of millennials follow a company or brand on Twitter, and 64 percent “like” a company or brand on Facebook with the sole purpose of getting a coupon or discount. So, what can you do? Chances are, if you advertise a sale or give out free shipping coupons, you’ve pretty much gained their trust.
Some tips include:

  • Monitoring their buying behavior on your site. Paying close attention to what users are doing on your website, and identifying underlying issues such as shopping cart abandonment can provide some insight in order to improve your online marketing efforts. Try using heatmap technologies like Hotjar or Lucky Orange to help you determine live user behavior.
  • Some businesses don’t offer free shipping, and it’s understandable. Whatever your budget may be, any kind of discount is better than nothing at all. You can offer a discounted flat-rate shipping cost for a limited time, or even offer coupons or perks to new and existing customers. There are many ways to offer discounts without compromising your business.
  • Don’t wait for the holidays to offer discounts and sales. Believe us, if a millennial has been eyeing something for months and a nice coupon magically appears in their inbox, it’s like Christmas all over again!

Loyalty Over Everything

As mentioned above, loyalty isn’t bought and trust is definitely earned. Millennials are loyal til the end. In fact, they are so loyal that in the U.S. they bring in about $1.3 trillion in annual buying power. Say what? That’s something to keep you thinking.

This is why social media is such an impactful resource. It’s the fastest way to help spread the word about products and brands they love. Enforce loyalty by having the option to see consumer reviews on your company’s website. About 51 percent of millennials say that being able to see various opinions have a greater impact on making a purchase decision.

Need Some Online Marketing Advice?

These are just a few of the many facts that exist when you’re marketing to millennials. It’s all about learning what this generation wants and how to give them what they’re looking for without being too pushy. Trust is slowly earned, so make sure you choose the right online marketing strategy that will not only help your online business thrive, but will also create lifelong customers out of those hard-to-get millennials.

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