4 Remarketing Tactics to Drive More Website Traffic

There are a variety of options that a business owner or an online marketing campaign team can take in order to increase the traffic to their website. Remarketing options, such as those provided by sites like Google, help to keep…

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There are a variety of options that a business owner or an online marketing campaign team can take in order to increase the traffic to their website. Remarketing options, such as those provided by sites like Google, help to keep your business advertised to your prime audience. This demographic includes people who have visited your site in the past. They have an interest in your product and the consistent ad reminders increase the chances of returning to your site. While they browse other sites, advertisements from yours continue along sidebars and more, keeping your products prominent. How can you best utilize this ability?

Remarketing on Social Media

When you put up an ad, there are only so many people that will see it, or so you may think. In reality, there are ways that a skilled online marketing campaign manager can not only increase viewers, but to ensure that those viewers are people who have a genuine interest in what you are offering. Through Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms, business owners can install tracking modules. These take note of who has viewed your site or social media page and ensures that your advertisements appear to them more frequently.

This keeps your business at the forefront of their mind when they are trying to decide where to purchase the item that they are interested in. It also keeps them aware of any potential offers or deals your company may be promoting. The more they see, the more likely they are to remember, and the more likely you are to see them returning for more. However, if you already have some of these clients on a mailing list or something similar, do not target them with your ads. They already get notifications of new items on your site, and likely will find the extra ads annoying. That might lose customers you already have rather than bringing in new ones.

Variety in Advertisement

When it comes to determining who will be targeted in your online campaign, you need to determine your landing pages. You can change these as time progresses, depending on the effect you are attempting to achieve. If you want an increase in sales, choose top selling product pages. Other effects require other landing pages. However, once you have figured that out, play around with the ads themselves.

Size, shape, font, placement, and picture to word ratio all play a part in how likely your ads are to be viewed or ignored. Different sizes also make your advertisements more versatile. Not all ad spaces can handle larger ads, so take the time to create copies in different sizes that can be used more frequently. Also, create different calls to action. The variety keeps things new and fresh. You can also have different CTA’s based on different targeted audiences. You can have as many different groups as you want.

Use Coupons

When the same visitors check your landing pages time and time again, use coupons to bring them back. This can also entice them to make a purchase. Time and time again, we see customers make it all the way to the “cart” option before leaving, whether the price was too high, they were comparing prices elsewhere, or life simply got in the way. Bring them back and get them buying with simple coupons or discount codes. If it seems like the discount is just for them, they are more likely to cash in. Keeping the constant reminder at the forefront of their mind as the browse through social media and other websites will likely bring them back sooner rather than later!

Review Your Limitations

Finally, when you are looking at your remarketing tool, such as Google, take a look at the different limitations placed on your accounts, such as frequency caps or membership details. There is a range of different ways that you can use these to your advantage, but each business is different. For example, take a look at your sales funnel. If you are in retail, you likely have a shorter one. This means that you can drop your membership from three months (which is the standard option provided by default via Google) to 30 days. This helps you get short term traffic for short term deals.

Other business may want those three months, or to even extend that further. Also look at your frequency cap. How often does your visitor see your ad? Playing with these variables can ensure that you bring your potential client back as frequently as possible. Some companies benefit for low frequency, long term ads, while others respond better conversely. It all depends on your desired effect.

Need Some Guidance With Your Online Marketing Strategy?

There is a range of tactics you can use to master the art of remarketing. These, though, are the basics to get your business off to a running start and are proven to push you toward greatness. Be sure to give these ideas a shot after starting your online marketing strategy.

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