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3 Ways to Use LinkedIn for Internet Marketing

Why LinkedIn?

Fact: There are more than 300 million users on LinkedIn (Source: Mashable). It is the most popular, fast-growing social network used by professionals to connect and share content with fellow colleagues, potential employers, new employees and business partners. So, if you and your company are not using LinkedIn…you’re missing out!

linkedIn logoUsing LinkedIn for Business and Internet Marketing

For many business owners, LinkedIn can be a powerful marketing tool for your company. It’s full of useful features that most marketers often overlook when developing an internet marketing strategy.

Let’s go over a few ways you can take advantage of LinkedIn’s marketing resources, and potentially gain more leads.

settings tools1. Optimizing Your LinkedIn Company Page

It’s all about presentation. You want to make sure your company page is properly optimized (for desktop and mobile) with high-quality images. Maintaining a professional image not only helps build trust with current and potential connections, but also gives your company credibility.

Our team created a helpful (downloadable) guide for optimizing images for your social media accounts including LinkedIn. Check it out!

2. Create a Showcase Pagedisplay media

A Showcase Page is an extension of your Company Page that allows you to display, or promote your products or services to your individual marketing personas. This feature not only helps you build relationships with your LinkedIn members, but also allows you to share specific content that’s tailored to your target audience and drive engagement.

Also, members can follow their favorite Showcase Pages without having to follow the company’s primary page – although it would be nice, right? This helps you customize the content you share with your specific audience.

group of people3. Manage a LinkedIn Group & Email Them

Managing a group on LinkedIn is a great way to establish your company as an authority in your industry. Once you become a thought leader on relevant industry-related topics, users will gravitate towards your group and may even result in potential leads.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Promote new marketing content ideas
  • Grow a community of advocates in your industry
  • Generate new leads

You can also become a thought leader by joining other groups, and participating in relevant discussions. So go ahead, show off your knowledge and expertise! Just make sure it’s credible information, and try not to promote or sell your services in the process. Here are some tips for proper LinkedIn etiquette.

The best part about managing a group on LinkedIn is that you can email your fellow group members. According to a HubSpot Study, “LinkedIn is 277% more effective than Twitter and Facebook.” It’s the best way to generate new leads from LinkedIn, and also include them in your email marketing campaigns.


To wrap things up, these are just a few ways you can implement LinkedIn into your internet marketing strategy. Whether it’s optimizing your company page, showcasing your material, or managing a specific group, LinkedIn is a great way to take advantage of all the marketing resources this social network has to offer.

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