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3 Myths About Content Marketing

When it comes to creating a content marketing strategy for your business, it is important that you’re listening to the right people. There are a lot of myths out there about what you should or shouldn’t do when it comes to creating content for your brand, and taking the wrong advice could lead to big problems. Read on as we dispel some of the most common myths that you’ve probably heard about content marketing.

Myth: Creating Massive Amounts of Content Will Produce Better Results

While producing more content will certainly increase your page views, when it comes to conversions and some of the bigger pictures of your marketing strategy, quality is much more important than quantity. First, you’ll need to perfect your skills in writing high-quality content, because if you are cranking out a mass volume of poorly written articles and blogs, your traffic isn’t going to increase. Instead, you’ll likely be hit with a penalty from Google. Once you figure out your process of writing high quality content you can increase the amount of posts that you are cranking out, but without quality, you’ll never achieve a greater reach.

Myth: Sales Pitches Qualify as Content Marketing

If you believe that you’ll build a following by constantly promoting your products and services to anyone that will listen, you are sadly mistaken. No one wants to be constantly inundated by sales pitches. Good content will intrigue and inform potential customers while leading people to your services and products. Great content isn’t about what you are trying to sell – at least not directly and not on its own.

When creating content for your website, blog, or social media profile, you can certainly talk about why your target market is in need of what you have to offer and how they can determine the potential benefits. However, you can convey this message without mentioning your service or product at all. In many cases, your best option is to keep specific product mentions at a minimum.

Remember that the goal of your content marketing strategy should be to attract attention, build relationships, and demonstrate your expertise in your field. By doing that, customers will come to you when they need what you’re selling, and they’ll be ready to hear about your specific products or services. Our internet marketing specialist can also help you improve your content marketing strategy.

Myth: Only Long Pieces of Content Are Beneficial to My Business

If you’ve been researching content marketing strategies, you’ve probably read a ton of case studies that say longer pieces of content will trump shorter options. As a result, many businesses are creating wordy posts in order to boost their conversions. Given that a study from Moz indicated that content of 1,800-3,000 words long ranked highly in Google and received the most backlinks, it is easy to see why so many people buy into this myth and are boosting their word count.

However, it is important to note that developing long-form content isn’t always needed and could actually be counterproductive. Shorter content can still perform well on Google, and it is important that you are considering the content length preference of your specific audience. If your target customers prefer blogs that are short, sweet, and to the point, creating lengthy pieces of content isn’t likely to do you any favors.


Don’t let content marketing myths send you down the wrong path. Internet marketing specialists can help you to create a sound and efficient content marketing strategy that will improve your conversions.

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