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WooCommerce Marketing Automation

Your WooCommerce website is bringing sales and running smooth, and you are looking to improve your revenue (of course), but where you should focus and spend more time: Bringing new customers or keeping existing ones?

Latest studies indicate that the typical online store generates 43% of its revenue from repeat customers. When it is important to keep acquiring new customers, it is essential to allocate efforts cultivating repeat customers. So how do you get that repeat business? Well, you need to remind customers that you’re around — and more than once. Typically you should expect to remind a customer 5-7 times before they make a repeat purchase.

During the following weeks we are going to create a series of posts that will show you how to utilize AutomateWoo to automatize your email marketing efforts directly from your WordPress dashboard.

We are going to create 5 tutorials:

  1. Win back old customers
  2. Make products recommendations
  3. Recover an abandoned cart
  4. Reward loyalty customers
  5. A Reminder for reviews

Let’s going to start with our first tutorial about how to Win Back Old Customers.

Win Back Old Customers

Chances are, you may have heard about the 80-20 rule, or the Pareto Principle which states that 20% of your customers represent 80% of your sales. Studies show that current customers generate about 16 times more efficiently than one-time buyers, so this is a good indication that our effort should be made in our current customer base.

Everyone loves a good deal (who does not), so we are going to use customers who have not purchased in a while, and invite them to explore the shop with a special offer in a form of a coupon discount.

Create a Coupon

Step 1. Create the coupon. Go to WooCommerce > Coupons > Add Coupon, and give your new coupon a code and a description (something easy to remember and relate to the campaign). For this example, we are creating a coupon which will grant a $10 OFF discount. The code will be ‘winback10off’ and its description will be ‘grants $10 off cart discount for win back customers’.

WooCommerce Add Coupon

Step 2. Add coupon data. For this example, choose the discount type as ‘Fix cart discount’ and indicate below the amount as ’10.’ Leave the ‘coupon expiration date’ blank, so the coupon can keep active even after your campaign is finished (some customers need more time to decide making a purchase).

WooCommerce Coupons data

Next set the Visibility to Private.

WooCommerce Coupon - Private visibility

Create Workflow

This tutorial assumes that you have purchased and installed AutomateWoo plugin.

Step 1. Create a workflow. Now that you have created your coupon, you need a way to send it to your customers. Create a workflow by clicking AutomateWoo > Workflows > Add Workflow, and give your workflow a name that represents your campaign.

Step 2. Choose a trigger. We are going to use ‘Customer Win Back’ and add in the ‘Minimum days since last purchase’ to 60, and the ‘Maximum days since last purchase’ to 63.

AutomateWoo Create Workflow

Step 3. Choose Actions. Select ‘Send Email’ and start filling the required fields.

To: {{ customer.email}}
Email Subject: Use a creative and catchy text
Email heading: Not required, but it provides a preview of the email (very useful to differentiate between the tons of emails received by a person every day)
Template: WooCommerce Default (this will use the same template used by default for WooCommerce’s email). If you have a custom template, you can choose it here (it is always great for your brand to have a customized email template).
Email content: Here is the section where your creativity can be freely to use the language and tone that best represent your brand. Something interesting and with a clear call to action is the best recommendation. As part of the offer, we are including the coupon that we created in the initial part of this tutorial; the code goes in this way: {{ customer.generate_coupon | template: ‘winback10off’}}.
As additional information, you can also include a grid of 4 products on Sale to incentive your customers with theses offers; the code would go in this way:  {{ shop.products | type: ‘sale’, limit: ‘4’ }}

TIP: You can use the panel on the right side to choose default Variables. You click one of them to get more details/options and copy the variable to be used.

AutomateWoo Action Email

Step 4. Preview & Test. It is always a good policy to test any interaction with your customers. AutomateWoo allows to get a Preview to show you how the final email is going to arrive to your customer’s email software, and to send you a test, so you can have a real final proof.

AutomateWoo Preview emaill



Using your existing customer base is one of the best ways to generate sales to your WooCommerce website. Repeat customers are more likely to shop with you again and again. And the more times they shop with you, the more they are likely to spend.

So help get shoppers back to your store with the 5 tutorials part of this serie. With these AutomateWoo workflows, you can create effective, personalized, and timely WooCommerce email marketing campaigns that deliver results for minimal effort and make a bit impact on your bottom line.


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