How a Personalized Experience Can Increase WordPress eCommerce Sales

If you were to go to a website that was totally cold and had no personality at all, would you feel comfortable to look around and buy a significant amount of anything? Most consumers would say no. That is why…

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If you were to go to a website that was totally cold and had no personality at all, would you feel comfortable to look around and buy a significant amount of anything? Most consumers would say no. That is why making sure that you have gone through and personalized the experience users have on your WordPress eCommerce website is so incredibly important. This can lead to a stronger audience of followers, and boost the sales you get on your website.

Why You Want to Personalize the User’s Experience on Your WordPress eCommerce Website

Your audience deserves to have a personalized experience when they visit your website. They want to feel as though you designed the entire space with them in mind. Your website should be intuitive, and should be easy to follow. You do not want your users to have to guess about where to find something or where to go to checkout. You want all of these elements clearly in view, and easily used so that they feel they can check what they have so far with ease, and continue shopping on your website.

Having easy to connect with social media icons also improves the personal experience for users of your WordPress eCommerce website. This way, users can follow you and see what type of sales or specials you will be having, plus they can share the things they like with other people. This helps you by getting more eyes on the products and services you have to offer, plus it helps them give deals to the people they care about, providing a new level of trust between you and your audience.

When you go through and take the time to personalize your user’s experience, you also make them feel as though you have catered to them specifically. It keeps your target audience engaged, and makes them feel comfortable exploring your website fully. People who do not feel comfortable with a website will do as little on that website as possible so they can be done and leave.

Simple Ways of Personalizing Their Time at Your WordPress eCommerce Shop

Here are a few simple things that can make your users feel as though you have set up your shop just for them.

  • Remind them of what they have ordered before, or looked at previously, with a column of your website showing these items that remains on screen during their purchase.
  • Talk about the areas of the world that you cater to specifically, so that those in your local area can feel like they have found a gem of a place to shop.
  • Send emails throughout the transaction process, from when your clients put items in the cart, to when they pay for their purchases, to times where they leave something in the cart and close your website.
  • Offer some type of a perk for those who regularly shop with you over your competitors.
  • Add product recommendations to the purchase portion of your website. If they are buying a single item, offer suggestions of complementary items that go well with the item that your customer is buying. This can be done when a page is first opened, or before they actually check out, so they are sure not to miss out on something they may need.
  • Talk to your customers directly. Find out from them if something you offer is helpful, or if there is something you could do better. Not only listen to the specifics of what would make their experience better, but also follow through and do those things, if you are able to. Then, take the time to reach out to the people who made those suggestions and let them know they were made. You could end up with some of the most loyal customers anywhere by doing this!


If you can set up these few little changes to your website, it can make the people who use it feel very important. That, in turn, will increase how much your customers feel safe spending when they come to your website, and allow you to have the perks of higher sales and better customer retention.

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