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5 Challenges eCommerce Business Owners Face & How to Manage It

Running a top-notch eCommerce business can be a challenge, but it is also extremely rewarding. Unfortunately, even if you offer a great product or service, it can be hard to get the word out about your business and to achieve the sales that you think you should be accruing. By identifying some of the common challenges faced by eCommerce business owners, you can take steps to avoid them with your site.

Creating a Trustworthy WordPress eCommerce Website

Even if you spend a lot of money creating a sophisticated website design, when your customers visit your site, they are bound to be skeptical of whether or not they can trust it. When no trust is established, it is unlikely that you will generate any sales, especially if you are selling big ticket items.

To avoid this pitfall, you will need to make your website appear more legitimate, and you can do this by listing a physical location, joining the Better Business Bureau and incorporating a verified security badge is another great step.

Hacking and Security Breaches

Regardless of the size of your WordPress eCommerce site is, hackers are going to try and access it. A security breach could be disastrous for your customers, as they may find their personal and credit card information compromised.

To protect yourself and customers, you need to regularly require password changes and frequently look for vulnerabilities that could be a threat to your site.

The Need for Multichannel Shopping Platforms

Multichannel shoppers include people who shop at physical stores as well as online, and it has been said that these shoppers spend over 80% more on each transaction. This is definitely a good reason to offer a WordPress eCommerce option for your customers, and it also suggests that integrating your online store with social media platforms for shopping could also be beneficial.

Integrating social media shopping platforms successfully into your sales funnel will require that you do your best to connect with your social media followers.

Integrating Mobile

So, you’ve created a great online store, and your work is done now, right? Not so fast. More online shoppers are using their mobile devices to make a purchase these days, so it is important that you take some time creating a mobile version of your website.

While mobile commerce is growing quickly, there aren’t enough online retailers who are adapting to those needs. If you fail to adapt, you will fall behind in your sales.

Using Social Media Effectively

Most businesses understand the importance of social media and have developed pages for their business, but unfortunately they don’t always use them right. When you use social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook correctly, you’ll experience a better reputation and improved brand awareness. If you need help developing your social media profile, consider calling in the professionals for guidance.


While there are certainly challenges to pursuing an eCommerce business, the rewards outweigh the risks. Take care to avoid some of these challenges if you want your WordPress eCommerce business to be a success.

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