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4 Ways to Improve Your eCommerce Shopping Cart Conversions

As a business owner or marketing professional, you work hard to attract potential customers to your eCommerce website and to make your products look as attractive as possible. So, after all of your time and effort, it can be extremely frustrating to see that your visitors added items to their shopping cart only to abandon the transaction. Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do to improve upon your shopping cart conversions.

Ensure Your Design is Easy to Followshopping cart design

When setting up your shopping cart design, it is important that you simplify the checkout process by clearly listing each step. This way, you will eliminate confusion about the process and will make it easy for your customers to finalize their orders.

Your checkout and shopping cart page should also have the same look and feel as the rest of your eCommerce website, as your customers will get nervous if these pages look drastically different from the rest of the design. Consistent designs will instill trust and won’t scare off online shoppers before they share their credit card number and other personal information needed to complete the purchase.

user reviewsInclude User Reviews

If a customer is on the fence about buying one of your products, the chance to read through some reviews from other customers can be an important resource. A positive review can be the tipping point that your customers need to actually follow through with purchasing the items that they’ve added to their shopping cart. A recent study completed by CompUSA and iPerceptions supported this suggestion, showing that 63% of consumers are more likely to make an online purchase when product reviews or ratings are present.



Be Clear about Shipping Costs and Optionsshipping costs

It is a great idea to offer several shipping options, but you’ll need to find a good balance between too many and too few. In some circumstances, giving your customers too many choices can confuse them, and this could lead to a purchase delay or even abandoning a shopping cart altogether.

The absence of shipping cost information is a top reason for shopping cart abandonment, so to avoid this problem, be sure that you have clearly listed these details up front.



ssl certificateMake Your Customers Feel Comfortable

It is important that your customers feel comfortable when visiting your site, so you should take steps to ensure their security when making a purchase through your business. Keep your SSL certifications current and up to date, and be sure to show the security lock within your browser.

You should also use simple and easy to understand language to make sure that your customers fully understand that their personal information is safe with you. Failure to address security concerns will almost always guarantee that your customers change their mind about making a purchase through your site.


Stop missing out on sales due to shopping cart abandonment. There are simple steps that you can take with your eCommerce website design that can improve your conversions, and by using them, you should start to see improved sales and profits.

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