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3 E-commerce Trends You Must Prepare for in 2019

Consumer confidence is at an 18-year high as retail e-commerce sales trend upward. Circumstances are not only suitable for brands with an established e-commerce presence, but those with a forward-thinking approach to e-commerce can also excel as well.

Enough companies have kept up with customer expectations and changing technology which has allowed e-commerce to thrive. For an example, as popularity in mobile purchases has increased, e-commerce retailers now cater to this shopping method.

In 2016, the majority of e-commerce sales consisted of mobile purchases. E-Marketer expects 72.9 percent of purchases made online will be through a mobile device by the year 2021.

Regarding to device preference, search methods are transitioning as technology becomes more advanced. ComScore predicts that by the year 2020, 50 percent of all search inquiries will be done by voice.

Furthermore, more consumers will be likely using audio search for buyable goods in the near future with devices such as Amazon Echo Show and Google Home Hub integrating voice and image search allowing people to see what they are searching to buy.

Payment processors are partnering with e-commerce companies to allow for easier online purchases. Consumers can leave their credit cards in their wallets when payment options such as Amazon Pay, PayPal, and Venmo are offered at checkout, making it even easier to buy online.

To ensure future success it is essential to keep looking ahead, no matter how developed your e-commerce presence might be. To 2019, elevate your e-commerce efforts by taking advantage of the following trends:

1. Sell your items or services on social media.

Optimizing your messaging to appeal to your target audience is necessary for effective marketing. However, if your audience never sees these messages this will not matter. It is crucial that you meet your audience where they spend their time. Here is a word of advice – if your target customers are online, one-third of the time they spend on social media.

Brands who do not sell their items or services on social media are missing out on a great opportunity.

2. Improve your Amazon strategy.

Amazon surpasses all others when it comes to the e-commerce ecosystem, with 68 percent of American shoppers going directly to Amazon when searching for products. In fact, 80 percent check Amazon prices and reviews even if they plan to purchase from another store or site.

If a brand wants to make money now and going forward, it must learn to navigate the e-commerce giants advertising platforms. What this means is investing in auto-bidding tools like Ignite or Prestozon, isolating the correct search terms, and including negative keywords.

3: Mixed reality for the buyer.

While mixed reality technologies are not yet fully adopted, there have been many strides in this direction. Virtual reality and augmented reality will be a total game changer that is faster than just the internet. For those e-commerce retailers that integrate AR capabilities into their customer’s shopping experience, they will have a significant advantage over those that do not.

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