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2019 Will Be a Revolutionary Year for Online Shopping

Online shopping has brought the convenience of ordering anything and having it delivered to your doorstep. To capitalize on this convenience, retailers everywhere have joined the world of e-commerce.

The competitiveness of e-commerce is continuing to grow. With the advancements in technology, the market for online shopping is constantly evolving. Websites today are smarter than ever, there is faster shipping, and expectations of the consumer are higher. This means that online stores must move towards new trends in order to survive. Continue reading to learn about what we will see more of in 2019:


Consumers want shopping experiences that are personal, customized for their specific tastes and needs. Technology must replace the physical sales associate that makes them feel like their needs are being fulfilled.

To provide the sense of personalization various ways are being utilized. Many companies are organizing available options and taking items from several sources. These online companies are getting rid of excessive options by analyzing the purchase history of users to offer products they are more likely to purchase.

Incorporating artificial intelligence, as well as machine learning into the experience of e-commerce is one more way companies are personalizing the experience.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) utilizes technology to superimpose graphics and digital images into an existing environment. Often recognized in video games, this technology can now be used for online shopping, as well. AR makes the online shopping experience more personalized.


Chatbots help make the consumer feel as if they are being “physically” assisted while shopping online. This feature provides instant communication between a company and a consumer. Chatbots can answer any questions the user asks and provides almost instant answers. Different services are provided, depending on the chatbot. This may include help with checkout, help to build outfits, make suggestions, and answer questions.

Cryptocurrency Payments

In recent rumors, cryptocurrency is one of the payment methods Amazon has been considering. If so, the e-commerce world will be completely shaken up. While some blockchain projects are focused on delivering a peer-to-peer commerce, a mainstream giant will be needed to set it in motion.

Automated Checkout

Automated checkout is another popular use of mobile commerce. This includes such services as PayPal, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, or more. Shopping online has become much easier at many stores. If you are an iPhone user with Apple Pay, you only need to enter your credit card information once. So, if an online store accepts Apple Pay, all you need to do it click “OK” to complete the transaction. With no more long checkouts or entering information, online shopping has become this much easier.

Social Media Shopping

The e-commerce marketplace has come to Instagram and Facebook. For example, Instagram has begun offering direct product links that can be tagged in posts, this even includes price and product details. Companies have also come to these social media platforms to advertise their products and brands. If your company does not have a social media presence, it is way behind.

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