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5 Reasons to Consider Custom WordPress Websites


As you continue to ramp up your online marketing efforts, you’re going to find that certain resources are better than others for businesses. For example, if you’re looking to have an active professional company blog that consistently brings in leads, it is best to go with WordPress compared to other alternatives. With its countless resources and plug-ins, your blog can start producing results much faster. Or, better yet, you can build your entire company website on a WordPress foundation and have all of the tools in your WordPress dashboard to make everything easier to understand and streamlined.

The Benefits of Custom WordPress Websites

However, when it comes to a WordPress website, you will want to go with a custom design rather than a pre-made template. Why is it better for your business? Outlined below are five solid reasons why you should go with a customized WordPress website:

  1. Unique design for your business. Contrary to popular belief, the layout and design of a business website is crucial to capturing leads and turning them into customers. When you have a design that hundreds or even thousands of other websites have, how can you possibly stand out amongst the competition? With a custom WordPress site, you will have a design exclusive to your brand that is memorable.
  2. Deeper plug-in customization. With a pre-built WordPress template, you’re typically going to be “fenced in” when it comes to plug-ins. Sure, you could add more but there are certain ones that are only going to work well with the pre-built template compared to others. But with a customized site, any and all plug-ins can work with your WordPress website to ensure you have the best analytics and tools you need right at your fingertips.
  3. Easier to learn and understand. It might seem easier to buy a WordPress template that has all of the bells and whistles, but when you can’t walk through the entire design, how can you work all of those bells and whistles in the first place? Customization allows for you to better understand the mechanics behind your website, which means it will be easier to learn and understand the dashboard and code. Also, if there are any problems with your customized website, everything can be fixed either in-house or by the developer who originally made the site.
  4. Easy to add on and grow. With a customized WordPress template, you have the ability to grow the website as your business grows. You won’t be hitting any barriers because everything is completely personalized for you, not a cookie cutter template to fit many different businesses at once.
  5. Better SEO results. When your code is clean like it is with a customized WordPress website, it means a better rank with SEO and unbeatable results with your SEO marketing. Why not give your business a boost in the search rankings with something as simple as having a customized WordPress website?

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