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4 ideas to Share with Your WordPress Web Designer

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No matter where, in Florida, your web development company is located, it is always good to get fresh ideas and share them with your web designer.  If you do not have a WordPress website already, you may want to know a little bit more about some simple techniques which can direct more traffic to your site.  Here are 4 ideas to share with your WordPress web designer which will enhance your online presence:

  1. The WordPress XML sitemap plugin.   This allows users to easily create a sitemap for any WordPress blog.  The search bots can then follow the map to discover every single one of the pages on the site.  This means that a larger number of pages is indexed.  An XML map not only increases search engine ranking, but it improves the amount of traffic coming in to any individual pages or postings online.
  2. The WordPress All in One SEO plugin.  This is a stellar tool for SEO optimization.  It is easy to install and set up.  Plus, it offers users many ways to optimize TITLE and Meta tags on all web pages within the site.
  3. Use the Google Adwords Free Keyword Tool.  This tool is helpful in researching the right long tail keywords which are the most meaningful for your target market.  Be sure to examine what the competition is using as well, that way, you are choosing words which will really make your site stand out and be found.
  4. Create an RSS feed.  This is a way of syndicating any blog posts quickly and easily.  With syndication, it means that your posts will be featured on other websites and people can subscribe to your posts via email or in an RSS reader.


These are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what can be done by using WordPress as your site’s CMS.  There are even more ways to get traffic to your site.  By using these 4 tips as a starting point, you are well on your way to working with your web design team in a way that will improve your SEO ranking, increase sales, and enhance ROI.

Our web design company is based in Coral Springs and serves the entire Fort Lauderdale region.  To learn more about these techniques and more, visit: https://culturainteractive.com/



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