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The Role of Websites for Your Business

For many small companies, having a website may seem out of reach because of the cost and commitment involved in owning one and keeping it updated. However, not having some type of online presence can actually hurt your business in the long run.

What’s the first thing you do when you hear about a company? You look them up online, right? But, what if they don’t have a website?

You don’t necessarily have to sell a product or service to own a site. Whether your company is an e-Commerce or not, a well-crafted online presence is essential for any type of business.

Nowadays, most people are visual. They want to see what your company has to offer, and the only way to learn more about it is to look it up online. If users can’t find what they’re looking for, then guess what? They’re going to look somewhere else. Don’t lose your potential clients for not having a website.

So, what’s the role of websites for your business? Let’s find out.


The only thing worse than not having a website is having a poor website design. This just makes your company look bad, and users won’t think twice about exiting the page. Fact: 88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience (Source: Econsultancy).

Business credibility infographic

A professional, well-designed site not only creates an inviting environment for visitors to explore your company, but also builds trust with your potential customers.Your website is a reflection of your business, so if you want to make a good impression make sure you hire a professional web designer that understands your business goals.

When you can point customers, partners, potential employees or even investors to your website, it lets them know you are a serious business.

Increase website visibilityWebsite Visibility

Nowadays, most people rely on the internet (mostly Google) for almost everything. Since more and more consumers are surfing the internet to research products and services, your business needs to be visible. By having a website, your company is discoverable by popular search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo! when users search for something related to your business.

About 80% of internet users are coming from a mobile device (seriously, Google it!). This means that aside from your professional business website, you also have to make sure it’s mobile-friendly and that it functions well. Thankfully, responsive web design makes it possible for your website to successfully fit on any screen size from tablets to smartphones, or even smart TVs.

Competitorsspying on the competition

Let’s talk about the most famous web enemy out there: the competition. There’s nothing worse than losing business over the competition – especially when they have a website and you don’t.

In this case, company size doesn’t matter. What’s important is what differentiates your business from the rest. If your website is professionally designed, attractive and trustful then chances are customers will choose you over the competitor.


Credibility, visibility and competition are just a few of the most important roles of websites for your business. It may seem overwhelming at first, but the best way to get your return on investment (ROI) is to invest in your online presence. There are many ways a business can establish and maintain its online presence. It’s up to the business owner to choose which option provides the best long-term fit with the company’s objectives, availability of necessary resources, and the company’s level of commitment to a meaningful website.

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