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Marketing Your Mobile App on a Low Budget

Do you have a new mobile app that you are hoping to get noticed, but you don’t have the marketing budget to spend a ton of money on advertising? You’re in luck – there are a ton of ways that you can get your mobile app attention without spending a fortune. These affordable methods can help you to market your mobile app even on a tight budget.

Be a Guest Bloggerguest bloggers

Guest blogging is an excellent way to build up an audience and fans of your brand. When you want to market your mobile app, consider posting on a variety of blogs, specifically those within the niche that your target audience would most likely be reading.

You can also create guest posts for mobile devices and technology, making sure that you are focusing on blogs where audiences would be most likely to download your mobile app.


mobile app reviewsCheck Out Mobile App Review Websites

There are a ton of mobile app review sites that exist for the whole purpose of writing reviews about new apps. Go ahead and Google “app reviews” and see how many results you get.

If you want to fast-track a review of your app you might be charged a fee, but many of these sites will do it at no cost.  A good review is a great way to get positive attention for your mobile app.



Use Social Mediasocial media maketing

By increasing your social media following, you’ll be sure to get more attention for your mobile app. Start conversations with your followers to engage with potential customers, and comment on trending topics.

You can also run giveaways or contests, requesting that people like your page or follow you in order to enter.


blogCreate a Blog or a Website

If you don’t have a business website in which you can write content and promote your mobile app, consider creating one. There are several places that you can create a free website, such as Tumblr or Blogger, and you’ll then be able to provide the link to anyone who might want more information about your app.

Make sure that you include social buttons like re-Tweet and Facebook Share on your site so that anyone who reads your content can share it with their community and friends.



diy contentCreate DIY Content

Sure, you can pay someone to write your content, but you’ll save money by doing it yourself. You can market your mobile app for free by creating original content.

Blog every day, and ensure your posts tie into your app. You can also create simple videos to explain the benefits of your app and why your followers need it.



Apply for Awards and Contestsmobile app awards

One great way to get exposure for your mobile app is to enter – and win – contests. While it is great to get the top spot, even submitting your app to awards will give your app exposure, which is always beneficial for a marketing plan on a tight budget.

Many of the awards do require a fee to submit, but if you are one of the top scorers, you’ll receive a great promotional spot on the awarder’s website.



You don’t have to spend a fortune to market your mobile app and to get it the attention it deserves. By following a few simple tips, you can successfully advertise for your app regardless of what your budget looks like.

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