aka [antruco]

Let’s create great projects together!


Cesar is the Principal and Creative Director of Cultura Interactiva. With his 13 years of experience in project management and web development, he ensures that each project stands out from the crowd and is finished on time and on budget. For Cesar, front-end development is about communication, not only code and decoration. This unique focus has led to create effective websites that allow clients to get not only a memorable website, but also a return of their investment.

Cesar worked before with important multinational companies in Latin America such as Samsung Electronics, Telefonica, and LG Electronics in developing marketing campaigns to reach youth customers in new fast growing segments markets.

In the local web developing community Cesar belongs to the Fort Lauderdale Wordpress group, South Florida PHP group, and South Florida UX group. When Cesar is not making great websites for his clients, he is out riding at the local mountain bike trail.


aka [wamba]

Creativity runs through my veins.


Claudia is the creative heart and soul in Cultura Interactiva's team. She has created an impressive range of design projects for clients ranging from non-profits to large corporations. Whether it's a website, poster, brochure, logo or a complete brand identity, Claudia has a passion for crafting design that cleanly delivers clear messages with the extra push to make them stand out.

Throughout illustration and free-hand drawing skills, Claudia adds beautiful small details to every of Cultura Interactiva's projects.

Because designing is a force that lives in her soul, Claudia enjoys to playing water polo in the first bright hours of the morning, every arm stroke in the pool clears her mind and re-fuel her creativity to design amazing products for our clients.


aka [Steph]

Let’s create a successful marketing campaign!


Stephanie is our internet marketing and social media specialist at Cultura Interactive. With her high level of creativity and creative writing, she creates unique and engaging posts as well as online campaigns for our diverse clients. Her fresh knowledge in the production of digital content helps us develop rich material in emerging media environments. She is currently attending FIU, and pursuing a career in Digital Media Studies with a minor in e-Marketing and Social Media.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are just a few of her favorite media environments where her well-crafted content can reach innumerable followers.

When Stephanie is not publishing content for the web, she enjoys soaking up the sun at the beach. She’s a huge fan of Mexican food and loves to try new things.


aka [Jason]

I’m ready to take on new challenges in development!
Jeisson is the newest member of our Cultura team. He specializes in front-end and mobile development, and combines the power of popular elements such as HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and jQuery to develop only the best websites for our clients. Programming is his passion, and he is constantly looking for new ways to improve his skills in the web design and development world. He also has experience working with responsive web design technology, WordPress CMS as well as the development of user experience (UX) and SEO.

Did we mention he’s a pizza lover? When Jeisson is not keeping up with the latest in technology, he enjoys traveling around the city and visiting new places (probably trying to find the best Hawaiian pizza). He also enjoys watching horror, action and science fiction movies on his free time (with pizza of course).


The creation of a quality website not only requires ingenuity and creativity when it is designed, but it should also have captivating content that conveys the proper meaning. This wouldn’t be possible without our creative writer, Albani, who is the most recent member of Cultura Interactive. Thanks to her outstanding abilities to adapt to any subject, she is able to develop compelling content that transmits the ideas of our clients and makes them a reality.

Her innovative imagination in merging complex ideas and clearly expressing the main message of the content reflects the great passion she feels for the art of writing. However, Albani says her working days are not the same without a good cup of coffee in the morning to help awaken her senses and recharge her mind with new, refreshing ideas. When she’s not writing away at work, she takes advantage of her free time to find a new book to read - although she often prefers the classics in her personal library.