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How To Get Leads From Social Media

Using Social Media to Get Leads

Are you running out of leads for your business? While reading about successful professionals through your many social media sites, did you ever think about using it to build your business? Getting leads through social media is the sign of the times. In fact it has made creating and keeping leads easier than ever.

Remember the days of researching pounds of information to create flyers or burning your eyes through phone books to get leads for your business, services or clients (probably some of you don’t remember these tactics). How can we forget cold calling and you wouldn’t even consider knocking on someone’s door unannounced these days.

Obtaining leads from social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and even Instagram has never been easier. It is like walking into an ice cream shop where you have multiple flavors connecting you with leads through social media. There are literally platforms that will provide leads for every single thing you could possibly need in your life, personal or professional.

Need a connection to a high profile executive, share your information on a business site such as LinkedIn. Leads for a consulting job that deals with education, is as simple as posting your needs on a site or blog targeting educators. Employers are not the only ones that look for leads through social media, in today’s job market there are golden opportunities for you to find your dream job by connecting with leads through social media.

Don’t forget yourself when looking to hire for your own marketing business, connecting with a social media site that sends your information out to prospective employees and even clients can only mean additional resources.

Since social media addresses two different types of marketing, you need to decide which side of the coin you are dealing with. Social or media. While they both work together, different aspects of both attract different results.

A media site would be your choice for reaching out to that top CEO or manager while social sites would put you in touch with a wider variety of people and personalities.


Did you ever think of the possibility that one post could give you so many business leads from social media?

When you’re networking on these platforms, do not be afraid to ask people to share with others to provide a chain reaction to your leads. After all, people love to talk, so why not give them something to talk about.  Using social media to obtain leads has never been easier. In fact isn’t it the only way?

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