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The Importance of Web Design in SEO

Why Your Web Design is Important for SEO

The other day I was re-reading some of the magazines that we have here in the office, and I found a bunch of nice articles in NET magazine regarding how to improve your business with better Web Design and SEO.

As you all know some time ago Google updated its algorithm – the so called Penguin update – and some of the shortcuts taken for some companies in their SEO practices took a huge hit, moving their ranking really down.

Some years ago when search engines were just beginning to take off, you could just hammer in the right keywords and generate loads of backing traffic to get above others regardless of the quality of your services, but now day all these tricks do not work anymore.

The purpose of the Penguin update according to Google was to develop a better means of determining relevancy for every search. By recognizing organic, informative and real content, real websites are now getting real rewards. The always golden rule in SEO has been affirmed one more time: Content is King.

But as important as to have good internet ranking, and provide the right information to potential customer it is also important how you retain the attention of your visitors through a clean web design, easy navigation, and a simple way to purchase your products.

Do you know that it generally takes at least three visits to a website before a shopper finally purchase? Those basic three visits can be simply identified as: research, compare and buy. In the meantime, these “would be” customer are being offered the temptation of competitors sites that can have a better web design, or offered an easier way to find their services or products.

Imagine with me this example: You are a customer looking for a product and visiting your e-commerce website for first time. You have reached the website because your web used proper SEO, and it ranks well in search engines, but sadly the site is ugly, and you cannot find what you were looking for. You click back, and find another result from the search result page with a clean web design, easy to find products, and a direct way to buy things from a couple simple clicks, the whole e-commerce experience was great for the customer, but you have lost a sale. Do not a lose a client for a lack of great looking  website design.

You can boil all lines above in a simple equation: Great Web Design + Great SEO = Great Search Rankings + Higher Conversion Rate.

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