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5 Tips for Choosing the right SEO web developer

With digital marketing becoming so prevalent and ease of internet access, it only makes sense that choosing the right SEO web developer should be part of your marketing mix. No matter what size your business is, getting your web site up, running, and SEO-optimized is a critical component of business success.

It can seem overwhelming to find the right SEO web developer.  However, when you know what to look for, it really is very straightforward.  After all, a site with no visitors is of no value to anyone.  Here are 5 tips for choosing the right SEO web developer:


1.)   What is their technique?: There are a number of web developers who will use unscrupulous techniques like Black Hat strategies.  This will do your site no favors whatsoever.  Black Hat strategies are a short-term fix for a long-term problem. There are many ways to generate traffic using White Hat strategies – they just take time to develop.

2.)   Online experience: Make sure that the SEO web developer you choose has some practical experience and that SEO is not just an abstract theory to them.  The only way to gain online experience is to be online working with the latest strategies, programs, and skills.

3.)   What’s in your SEO web developer’s toolkit?: Familiarizing yourself with some SEO basics is key to making sure that your site is getting the most “bang for its buck” SEO-wise.  Make sure you assess the quality of the tools being used, your developer’s expertise, and their confidence in that specific tool.

4.)   Insight: The best web developers not only have education, training, and experience, they also can give you insight into how to develop and improve your online branding efforts.  Having a degree in Web development can give your developer knowledge, but true insight occurs with the combination of knowledge and experience.

5.)   How are we measuring SEO success?: There are a number of effective and easy to use online assessments, which can easily show you your ROI from your SEO efforts.  Be sure you have a web developer who will show you the evidence in a clear, easy to understand way.

By keeping these 5 tips in mind, you will easily find the best possible SEO web developer for your site.  To learn more about growing your business through SEO web development, contact us at:



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