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3 Common SEO Web Design Mistakes

Are You Making These SEO Web Design Mistakes?

SEO has been around for over ten years now, so, in theory, any web designer you use will be using the best SEO techniques and working on your website with them in mind.  Not so!  Even with all of the information available to us, there are still some common SEO web design mistakes which continue to be made time after time.  Here are 3 common ones, so that you can avoid them on your own site:

1.)   Keyword Stuffing:   Yes, we all need the right keywords in our site so that potential clients can more easily find our business.  What we does not need is too many or content that reads like it was written for a search engine’s eyes; not human eyes.  There is a strategic way to use keywords and use the right amount.  By consulting with an expert, you will be able to optimize your web site in a way that is pleasing to both humans and search-bots.

2.)   Poor web site design: There are some common sense techniques you can use to make your web site be found more easily.  For example, any images on your site should have a Meta tag attached to them.  And, obviously, sites should be visually appealing with your business information put forth in an easy to find and use way.

3.)   Wanting quick results: To get the full benefit of your site’s SEO efforts takes time.  It also requires continuously working on keeping your content fresh and engaging and using your site to interact with potential customers.  In the case of SEO – long and slow wins the race!


By consulting with a professional SEO web design team, you will easily avoid these commonly occurring mistakes.  That way, you have the right support to keep your content fresh, make your web site aesthetically appealing, and attract more customers to your business.

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