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Web Design for e-Commerce Websites is Critical

Many businesses believe that because they will be emphasizing E-commerce, they do not need to consider aesthetics or visual appeal.  Not so! If your site is not both appealing in appearance and easy to click through and use, your visitors will not stay.  Think for a moment about why Amazon and Ebay have been so successful.  Yes, it is because they have simple to use payment systems, but it is also because the layout and design of their site is inviting and clearly shows consumers where to get what they need.  That is why professional web design for E-commerce sites is critical.

Categories:  By separating your products into the right categories, you have already paved the way for consumers to stay on your site and browse.  You want your visitors to be able to narrow down their choices based on color, size, pricing, and availability.

Loading time:  If your E-commerce pages are loaded with flash web design and elaborate images which take a long time to load, well, good luck to you!  Yes, your site needs to be appealing and inviting, but definitely not at the expense of being slower than a snail to load.  The challenge is to create something that is attractive visually and loads quickly.

Number of clicks:  The least number of clicks to buy a product is what you require. At the very least any “buy now” buttons should place the chosen product directly into the consumer shopping cart.  Your goal is to create an E-commerce site where it takes the least amount of clicks possible to pay and start the process for receiving your product.

When you have considered the aesthetic and the technical elements, it may be time to take care of the human component.  Many successful E-commerce sites have online chat boxes built in for immediate customer support and assistance.  Plus, you will want to be sure that your ‘Contact’ page has easy to read details such as your e-mail id, phone number, and the address you want consumers to know.

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