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How Affiliate Marketing Can Transform Your eCommerce Business

In today’s high-tech world, everyone is looking for an excellent recommendation. Whether it be for finding a car mechanic, computer technician, or the latest tech gadget – we are looking for assurance from a person we believe. Just like that affiliate marketing is an eCommerce version of product promotion with the help of an affiliate, a celebrity or an online influencer. It could turn out to be the perfect move, in order to establish relationships with clients and boost your sales.

Researches have shown that around sixteen-percent of all online orders received are generated with the help of affiliate marketing.
It is estimated that affiliate marketing programs are used by around eighty-one percent of the brands. This quite clearly speaks volumes of Affiliate Marketing’s necessity.
The United States affiliate marketing expenditure is expected to go as high as $6.8 billion by 2020.

Understanding affiliate marketing

It is among the very few marketing channels that guarantee a hundred percent return on investment. Affiliate marketing falls under the category of those rare tactics that give you a chance to pay for marketing expenses.

The process of affiliate marketing comprises an affiliate and a merchant i.e. you. The affiliate is that individual who promotes your brand as well as products on his/her website. In return, that affiliate is given a handsome commission, upon every single visit to your product page and every single purchase.

Some of the attributes of a great affiliate are:

  • Keeps updating the content regularly.
  • Has a traffic generating website.
  • Has a great influence on the audience.
  • Post helpful and engaging content.

Now, because the affiliate is working on commission, you’ll need to require an effective strategy as to how to convert your potential buyers into customers. Honestly, it all comes down to providing affiliates with the highest EPC (earnings per click).

Because no matter how good the affiliate is, he/she will always keep shifting their focus to E-commerce websites with high EPC and conversion rates. So, you might need to be a little skeptical in your execution and approach. And as more and more marketers start deploying this top customer acquisition method, it just goes on to prove its significance in transforming your E-commerce business.

Here are 5 of the most effective ways to transform your eCommerce business using affiliate marketing.

Develop your niche

This one goes without saying: know your audience. That’s the most basic and the most crucial step towards transforming or growing your eCommerce business. Because if you have a complete understanding of what your audience needs, wants, likes, you have all the special ingredients needed to make your business a huge success. Affiliate marketing assists you in developing a niche and put your products directly in front of interested and engaged prospects.

  • What type of content do they find engaging?
  • Which influencers have an impact?
  • What brands are they following?

When you join hands with an affiliate to grow your brand or business, you delve deeper into the art of understanding the audience. And this goes a long way to help you and your business.

Customer loyalty

If there’s anyone who you need to have a firm grip at; it’s your customer. Because honestly, customers are the ones that make or break the brand. If you keep rewarding them because of their loyalty to you, they will extend their support to your product/company, and are guaranteed to spend more than potential or new buyers. Thanks to Affiliate marketing, it offers you a chance to take full advantage of the expertise of the hired affiliates.

So, whenever an affiliate marketer, celebrity or influencer agrees to promote your products, they bring their entire audience and fan-base with them.

Indirectly grow your sales team

Brace yourself because your E-commerce business is about to start growing without limits. It doesn’t really matter whether you’re a small group-based business or just individual handling all by him/herself, by using affiliate marketing you can expand your sales team and hire experts of your niche. The affiliates are highly experienced in generating an insane amount of traffic on your product website.

And as we know:

Quality traffic leads to More conversions, whereas more conversions result in much higher revenue. Always remember: Revenue plays a vital role in establishing and growing your eCommerce business.
So, you need to get your priorities straight and start looking for a well experienced and successful sales team.

Several ways of conversion

Contrary to popular beliefs, Affiliate marketing is pretty dissimilar to digital advertising. In affiliate marketing, you are allowed to opt-for what your successful conversion will be through manually setting incentives. You can select from conversions stated below:

  • Downloading a how-to guide.
  • Email capture.
  • Selling a specific product.
  • Completing a survey.

You could set incentives manually by providing commissions on the conversion of your choice with the help of affiliate marketing of course. The most intriguing thing about Affiliate marketing is that it gets your eCommerce business websites in front of more thousands of eye-balls, featuring your brand’s products, in a jiffy. So, rather working towards gaining a thousand new visitors/potential buyers to a product page, you could just leverage a high-traffic affiliate website and gain visitors/potential buyers to your website that way.

Reach your eCommerce targeted audience

If you have used paid ads before, you know there’s a process to it. But in case you haven’t, here’s how it goes: You get a chance to target prospects like geographical location, income, hobbies.

But how would you make sure that your ads are really reaching your targeted audience? And that’s where affiliate marketing comes in to play. Because it lets you have complete control of when and where your product is being advertised. You get the opportunity to personally choose websites that will promote your product. Take absolute control of your eCommerce business with affiliate marketing.


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